Odwira takes place on the Monday after the Homowo festival. It’s a chiefly procession that takes place in Ga Mashie. Chiefs walk or are carried in floats around. Homowo Festival: This is a special food festival celebrated by the GA’s, the people of Greater Accra Region. It is characterised by rituals such as the sprinkling of. Homowo Festival On Saturday I attended the Homowo Festival in Accra James Town which is celebrated in the Ga states by the Ga people of.

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The more gentle type is in the form of traditional songs and dancing and it is called Amlakui-Akpa meaning the Kpa dance of the nobility. To contact the copyright holder directly for corrections — or for permission to republish or make other authorized use of this material, click here.

Thursday marks festiavl arrival of people and is called Soobii Thursday people. See What Everyone is Watching. Uncontrolled movements by the possessed carrier of the tsese. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. The first ritual called gbemlilaa locking the way is performed in the month of June and bans drumming and music to enable people concentrate on their farms this is then followed by another ritual called nshobulemo to calm the sea gods for a bumper harvest.

The Ga people celebrate Homowo in the remembrance of the famine that once happened in their history in precolonial Ghana. An additional story has it that the festival was adopted from the Jewish Passover.

The second divide of belief attributed the unleavened com bread to that of Jewish unleavened flour bread as the ritual food, the red clay painted at the door posts and the way the people eat in hurry during the festival are linked to the traditions of the Jewish Passover feast.

The people of the Ga traditional area have a history of frequent migration around the continent of Africa.


Ghana’s capital welcomes the world to celebrate the Ga tribe’s harvest festival, Homowo

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Related Entertainment Ghana West Africa. The sese group parades through the streets of the town once each day.

Articles and commentaries that identify allAfrica. Paper notes are handed over to the sese group leader while coins are put into the sese. The Ga people, the original inhabitants of Accra observe a festival during this period called the Homowo Festival. Most people arrive with their harvested maize and palm nuts; amidst jubilation, singing and. Folklore Day August 23, The sharing of food is followed by a large durbar and the Homowo homoao.

Why is water replaced by alcohol? This goes on from Sunday to Friday while the sese carrying group continues to engage in Amlakui-Akpa and people desiring special blessing shower the sese with gifts of money.

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Homowo festival is celebrated the people of the Ga traditional area. A dance called kpanlogo is performed during the festival. Skip to content roots rootstoglory. The colour white as a colour of festivity representing symbols of purity and holiness and it is the only colour worn by priests. There is a popular belief that every Ga family has at least cestival or more twin, thus almost every household in the Ga Mashie participate in the festival which takes form at least the most visual and public elements in a possession performance.

How cornrows were used as an escape map from slavery across South America Africans could soon take over these countries outside the continent Modern day polygamy in Africa: Emancipation Day Read more.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. When the celebrations start, the Ga people “hoot at hunger” in the remembrance of the famine that once happened in their history. The kpa groups proceed to the palaces of the divisional chiefs, heads of clans, heads of families, asafoiatsemei, asafoianyemei and Wulomei of the town by turn that also pour libation and provide gifts of appreciation. This overturning of the sese marks the end of the Homowo of the Ga people and the lifting of the ban on drumming.


The is then followed by a series of rituals to mark the festival season. I would love to be a vendor for this event. Odwira is also celebrated by the people of Jamestown as a result of the long influence of the Akans in the region. On this day there is usually a lot of traffic and roads are usually blocked off to accommodate the festival.

This article needs additional citations for verification. The day prior to the Homowo Festival is the Twin Festival which also encounters prior ritual preparations before singing and dancing take place during the main celebration where you see Twins parading the streets.

Homowo • Cultural Encyclopaedia

Instead of the traditional bowl of herbs a guy carries an object made of rubbish on top of his head. According to some myth, the Ga people moved from Nigeria. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. History of Homowo Festival Homowo Festival is celebrated to recall the trials and success of the people of the Ga traditional area over a huge famine which befell them during their journey from their ancestral homeland to inhabit their current settlement.

The meal is eaten with Palm Nut Soup and it is also sprinkled within the town. It begins on Sunday after the feast and ends on the next week Saturday with Sesebumo. Homowo is greatly celebrated in all the towns in the Ga state with celebrations climaxing in Gamashie. During a period of severe famine there was coincidently a boom of twin deliveries.

Homowo Festival

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