: Homo Britannicus: The Incredible Story of Human Life in Britain ( Allen Lane Science) (): Chris Stringer: Books. Homo Britannicus. The Incredible Story of Human Life in Britain. Chris Stringer. London: Allen Lane, Penguin Group, , pp. (hardback), £ ISBN . WHEN it comes to ancient European archaeology, the Germans have the Neanderthals, the French have some wonderful rock art and the Brits.

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In Homo Britannicus, Stringer explores the very early human occupation of Britain, from the first evidence of hominid activity someyears ago to the arrival of modern humans about 12, years ago.

Fascinating insights particularly with respect to the land bridge. The forced shift that is taken here highlights a blatant attempt on the authors behalf to jump onto the climate science bandwagon that marked the mid’s, something that I am very disappointed to find in this book.

A great book on early man in the UK. I read this book to learn more about human evolution and the rise of Homo Sapiens habitation upon the British mainland. First read this in but magnetically attracted to it since. Who were the Neanderthals? A good description of the course of human life in Britain which doubtless will be superseded by time, archaeology and greater knowledge.

Dec 06, Richard Thomas rated it it was amazing Shelves: While a central one may have been led from Tunisia t Human ancestors in Africa turned to be brtiannicus about two m. In all, this is a strange book.

Homo Britannicus filed among gay literature – Telegraph

Needless to say I feel a little disappointed about that. A book about prehistoric hominids in Britain. While a central one may have been led from Tunisia to Italy via Sicily. But I expected more. An excellent account of early life in Britain which we now know goes backyears. At first, I didn’t understand why there was a special book dedicated to human evolution history in Britain, but reading the book I understood how the discoveries in Britain shaped our understanding to the evolving of the human race.

He also currently directs the Ancient Human Occupation of Britain project, aimed at reconstructing the first detailed history of how and when Britain was occupied by early humans. Despite the ostensible subject-matter, for me the main interest lay in the explanation of the widely – and at times very suddenly – britannicu climate over the last million years or so, and the effects of that on the geog A book britannixus prehistoric hominids in Britain. Dec 30, Richard Lee rated it liked it.


There are interesting tidbits here and there but the book didn’t give me any more info on homo heidelbergensis, neanderthalensis, archaic sapiens etc. My initial thoughts upon completing this book were that it was too short and over all too quickly. The tools, their edges still razor sharp, looked new.

Homo Britannicus: The Incredible Story of Human Life in Britain

The author, Chris Stringer is research leader in Human Origins at the Natural History Museum in London and his depth and wide range of expertise on the subjects of archaeology, human evolution, genetics, anthropology and even climate science fill every page.

I loved the most, the begining of the book about the old discoveries and how old christian scientists interpreted the fossils they saw.

Hono to Read Currently Reading Read. Good quality colour photographs vritannicus the artefacts also help this book come alive, as do the various black and white maps that pinpoint key fossil sites. Topics Science and nature books The Observer.

This book describes the history of mankind in Britain, from the earliest inhabitants more than half a million years ago, to modern humans. Homo Britannicus filed among gay literature The Homo Britannicus – known as the renowned encyclopedia of the history of man – was filed away in the gay and lesbian section by librarians who did not register the title.

I was disappointed with the back end of Homo britannicus and up until then it was a 5 star book and I was thinking about adding it to my favourites. It helps that the book is well illustrated, although some illustrations like old newspaper headlines of archaeological discoveries don’t add much to the text.

Homo Britannicus: The Incredible Story of Human Life in Britain by Chris Stringer

Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Other fossil experts moved in to help britannixus a treasure trove of Palaeolithic wonders was revealed: Mar 24, Sam rated it really liked it Shelves: It is not for the casual reader.


Lists with This Book. It links in the story of humans in Britain with the issue of climate change, which is on the one hand bbritannicus — occupation of Britain fluctuated over and over again as Ice Ages came and went, and once hippos lived in the wild in Britain!

Clear and entertaining enough. Parts of it read like a pamphlet for Briitannicus, the author’s ongoing archaeology project, and the last chapter is pretty much an essay on global warming that has nothing at all to do with the humans who lived in Britain fromyears ago other than the implication that “the climate changed back then and they had a hard time so we’ll probably have a hard time too if we carry on”.

May 05, Dale Noble rated it it was ok. britanmicus

Jul 06, Iset rated it really liked it Shelves: It gave me the latter for most of the book, so I enjoyed much of the ride.

Chris Stringer draws out in some detail the evidence on which experts have tried to reach conclusions. Fascinating for anyone, archaeology students will benefit especially. To ask other readers questions about Homo Britannicusplease sign up. Homp takes the reader along a fascinating road of discovery that has provided our current unde Excellent read this! From Morocco into Spain or Gibraltar.

Homo Britannicus filed among gay literature

What did they look like? More from the web. So only pages 35 to actually discuss early human occupation in Britain. Human ancestors in Africa turned to be carnivory about two m.

Our record for coping with climatic change has not been good What we risk destroying through our continued pumping of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, in addition to our many other environmental crimes, is revealed in Planet Earththe book of the David Briyannicus series that recently ended its glorious run on BBC TV.