table and deal with the combined use of BFE 65 and KT x as KBF. Note please that the BFE . as part of the HOBBYMAT system. Fig. 6 shows the. Hobbymat BFE65 Milling Machine | Business, Office & Industrial, Metalworking/ Milling/Welding, Milling | eBay!. HOBBYMAT BFE 65 Bench top Milling machine converted to CNC control, includes DELL Optiflex GSX PC & Keyboard This has been a.

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Handwheel installed, showing the index ring.

Two interesting points concern the mounting of hobbyymat vertical head within the bracket that fastens to the back of the bed: I’m not familiar with your machine there I did not follow this up with the seller…. While Hobnymat was at it I also installed way covers, made out of the plastic concertina part of an expanding file. The arrangement works very well — only a few bits of swarf have gotten through the fur and they were easily dealt with by the yellow plastic strips on the scales.

I had already disassembled the table during the lathe rebuildfor ease of storage and also to clean the worst of the muck off most of the bits. Ground stock would be better if you have some. I did not follow this up with the seller… The scales had solid mounting holes, and featured a yellow strip that neatly opened and closed around the link to the reading head.

Hobbymat BFE65 Milling machine opinions?

No, create an account now. Skip to main content. X-axis I decided to place the X-axis scales behind the table, out of the way of the gib adjusting screws and X-axis stops. Run your numbers through this equation and see if you think you will have sufficient force direct. Back to home page Return to top. However the KT mill table was in need of some TLC… it was covered in muck and sometime in the past someone had broken both of the handwheels probably when trying to move it.


Cleaning and mending Next I cleaned up all the bits with petrol and a green scourer for non-way surfacescleaned uobbymat holes with a pipe cleaner and blew them bfe56 with bfe5 air.

Any advice would be most appreciated – thanks! What do you plan to cut with this setup? I ordered them and they arrived about a week later dunno how they are managing this but delivery times from China are now one to two weeks, pretty impressive. Do you already have an account?

Any other advise or suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated. I installed the scale upside down — with the reading head at the bottom. Results 1 to 5 of 5. This damage may have happened at the same time the handwheels were broken. I also added a piece of thin aluminium angle to shroud the scale from the top.

Behind the reading head and also the long part of the scale are spacers which give the necessary offset to each part of the scale. While not ideal, I think that even if this rust had been on the ways it would not have caused too many problems. Hence, should the column prove to be out of line in a fore and aft direction, the only solution is to shim the bracket mounting faces at the top or bottom.

DRO kit off eBay I bought my kit from seller motor-mall.

Also it would make more sense to have slotted or square ends rather than a hex bolt head, as it is difficult to get a spanner over the gib screws on the lower plate. Assembly The rest of the build went smoothly, there are not many parts and even without a diagram it is easy to work out where everything goes. The seller of the stepper kit also suggests rpm in bipolar parallel. The heads have a mm or so of play in them perpendicular to travel, which made installing them easy.

Yes, my password is: I also installed some way covers at the same time as the scales — to prevent chips from collecting on the ways and also to protect the scales. This furry stuff is great — I can see lots of uses for it. In the end I rubbed it down gently with some oil and fine emery paper, and left it at that. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Programme terms and conditions – opens in a new window or tab.


Only then should you accept it as satisfactory. To figure force you can use the equation given by figure 11 at the Nook site here: The seller tells me he has used it to cut Stainless, mild and alloy and it’s suitable for these, does that sound right?

It was all going so well until I turned over the t-slot table and found surface rust underneath. Follow us on All times are GMT I chucked up the handwheel and set to work machining a new boss. Top view showing the two-part bracket, the aluminium top cover with its milled slot.

Hobbymat BFE65 mill | bazmonaut

Deciding to gear down your steppers is a balance between rapid speeds and torque available while cutting. Keep in mind that just because the system may be capable of that rapid speed doesn’t mean you hobymat to use it.

See all condition definitions – opens in a new window or tab Top tips for machining Bakelite:. Fiddling with the control levers and twisting the spindle hohbymat and forwards usually enables the machine to start up again – and run in an apparently normal manner. An item that has been previously hobbymqt. I stuck one side to vfe65 aluminium cover seen in previous picand the other to the adjustable stub of aluminium angle that you can see in the photo above.

It’s driving 5mm lead 16mm RM linearmotionbearing ballscrews. I am far from a mill expert. I took the top two parts of the table off and laid them upside-down on a sheet of plate glass, and then aligned and punched holes in both parts of the table to mount the scales.