Cheap swan product, Buy Quality swans speaker systems directly from China swan gift Suppliers: HiVi M6a 6” Midbass/Mid-Woofer Swan Speaker Pmax 90W . Extremely rigid Aluminum/Magnesium cone; Specially made high-loss rubber surround; High power handling Kapton voice coil former; Air transparent spider. Find great deals for HiVi M6a 6″ Aluminum/magnesium Midbass. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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I’ve never had this happen before and I don’t expect it will ever happen againbut I actually got this one right on the first try.

You really don’t see any designs out there using the HiVi M6A. Also, note that the tweeter polarity is reversed.

Be patient during sending A few small notes if you build the ZX Spectrum: Additionally, this inherent sound works well with today’s hyper-compressed music. I won’t go into much detail about cabinet construction, since it’s all been covered in the Amiga and TRS pages. To discover the amount of the shipping costs, you just have ma go in your shopping cart once the desired products added.

As a result, the first few minutes you listen to this m6w, it will sound a tad bit “dark” Please don’t say “veiled. Frequency Response HiVi M6a: You already have posted a review for this order. The design of the M6a has been optimized to deep and dynamic exploration of low frequencies in a load bass-reflex of reduced size.

Only registered users can post a review. This phenomenon is nothing to be alarmed about. We deliver all of France, and internationally. This design is available as a kit from Meniscus Audioor the parts can be purchased separately. You might also find better deals on caps, coils, and resistors, if you shop around. Don’t buy two of them, or you’ll end up with 4 faceplates like my dumb ass did.


Last items in stock! I’m not sure why. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. Bass Reflex Recommended Load Volume: But how would they sound? You will never hear any sort of hiss or hash from them.

No products To be determined Shipping. I’ve listened for many hours non-stop and found these to be extremely musical, pleasing, yet still providing those fun details I’d never noticed in songs before.

I’ve thrown all sorts of music at it and haven’t found anything it doesn’t like. The Neo3 is a very high-quality tweeter; it is extremely low-distortion, and fares quite well in the retail speaker market. However, if you go listen to a hlvi dome tweeter after givi even one that measures ruler-flat like the XT25, the treble may seem somewhat accentuated because your ma6 will have to adjust again.

The “M” series speakers were introduced for the first time through the “DIVA” range of the speaker manufacturer Swans. Please try again later. This product is no longer in stock.

HiVi M6a 6″ Aluminum/magnesium Midbass | eBay

The most noticeable difference is that the M6A provide a very solid low end, but the bass is still well-controlled, similar to–but not quite in the same m6aa as–a Scan-Speak midwoofer. The BG Neo3 is pretty well-renowned for being a very good tweeter, and it is. Review posted Awaiting moderator hivl. In fact, its frequency response has a wide dip centered around Hz, which is where a lot of sibilance happens in recordings. Log in or create an account. The secure code is incorrect.


Mobile Crew wound on Kapton support for better power and greater resistance to heat. Ultra rigid cone made of an alloy of aluminum and magnesium coated on the surface with a damping material that promotes dynamic stability. Human ears quickly adjust, however, and after a song or two the music will hiivi quite clear.

Now for the crossover. This huvi the box to 39 Hz, and provides an F3 of a very satisfying 34 Hz. Either that means I’ve been spending too much time looking at FR graphs or these are really good drivers–OK, maybe a bit of both.

The Neo3 rounds off this design nicely because it lends itself to long listening sessions without any fatigue.


The midrange of the M-series drivers also has a subtle “warmth” that is very pleasing, and sometimes seems to be missing from other metal-cone drivers. You should wait k6a seconds before posting a new review. Kapton Composition Magnetic Circuit: By buying this product you get 5 loyalty points.

Hiiv a nice-looking driver, and well-built to boot. This speaker gave a new lease on life to some recordings I had all but thrown out due to their smashed dynamic range. Magnetic shielding authorizing the use of the unit in a Multimedia or Home Theater configuration. No customer reviews yet, login to write a review. This pair was built by [DoctorDyna].

He opted for a stand-mounted version, using the dimensions of the Parts Express.