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Un pequeiio incidente, enentre Holanda y Marruecos, que se renovaria poco mas tarde, permiti6a Sidi MuJ.

In his hands he held a bowl full of milk the typical ceremonial reception of an honored guest among the Berbers.

Hespéris Vol. ()

The last biography that Ibn eah gives for this ”period is that of the qadi Mu1: When they answered that it was because he had removed the water from the ocean, he informed them that in the same ways his removal from their midst had brought him calm and peace and that he would not return to an area of agitation and disorder.

Mausoleum of Sirli ‘Abel Allah b. What does the legend represent? Full name of centre Town. Each adult male has his turn coll. The central government was no longer in control, soldiers were under no constraint of discipline, and the local governors had, as a result, no power on which to fall back. Jsan, and the Sultan sent all of them into exile. The Slawis recognized in themselves a frontier mentality of sternness and tenaciousness tempered by an awareness of the instability of conditions with which they had ta contend and compromise.

At that time the terms began to be used separately ta distinguish the site of the old Roman city from the new Muslim one along the ocean. Les Almoravides deviennent les Moabites, les Almohades, les Assyriens When he knew that his death was approaching, he dug his own grave.

Et voici une nouvelle cause de confusion entre les deux Mo1. Abd Allah la venta de productos marroquies, sobre todo de trigo, y con los beneficios obtenidos pudo comprar a las mismas naciones gran cantidad de armamento maritimo y terrestre, con el cual asedi61uego los presidios espafioles y portugueses.


But the nuances and variations of this synlbiosis over time cannot be documented, andmost of the essential questions concerning economic life have remained unanswered. The only information that he provides us with about the other side of the river, viz.

The latter, near the end of the reign of Mawlay Ismacn d. A principios de ya poseemos informaciones de haber sido construidas tres nuevas fragatas es.

Hesperis – Hespéris : Archives berbères et bulletin de l’Institut des Hautes Etudes Marocaines

In the legend, hewperis of these saints, the living and the dead, meet the newcomer and inform him that their city has no need of additional holy men. The inhabitants of Tamasna, the area that borders the Two Banks, were Christians nntil Islam and its light came to protect them. He was offered excellentclothes. Mission scientifique du Maroc, Villes et tribus du Maroc. Thereupon, Sidi Abd Allah was given his place at the head of the saints, as their sultan.

This is Chellah, the burial grounds of hesperos fourteenth heesperis fifteenth century Marinid dynasty, and previously the site of a Roman city, Sala Colonia, and before that of a Phoenician settlement, called Sala or Shala. One of the reasons for the success of these pirates was ‘the particular nature of the sand bar at the entrance ta the Bou Regreg which made it possible only for relatively small boats to enter the harboi.

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On the other hand, Fez and Tetouan seem to have absorbed the Moriscos without difficulty. Le Tourneau and, on the province of Tamasna, A. It is hoped that they will one day soon be made available to students of Moroccan history and that a full-scale study of the life and work of this important historian will be undertaken.

One of the many legends about Ben “AWir tells how he hid his supernatural powers from other men until certain events showed that God wanted him to reveal himself as a saint. These miracles and wonders. The 1J,abus property to the benefit of the fort was transferred to the endowment of the Sidi A1.

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A pesar de estas circunstancias adversas, que no menguanln durante varios y calamitosos afios, Sidi Mu1. Los marroquies intentaron entonces aligerar la entrada en el puerto, y en tales maniobras apresuradas se fueron a pique las dos urcas holandesas y una de las fragatas marroquies, escapando la segunda para refugiarse en el puerto de la Mamora Carta de J.

Was not the knowledge of Islam Adored by the rest of the peoples?

Hespéris-Tamuda Vol. ()

By the beginning of the twelfth century, Zanata Berbers and emigrants from Andalusia were living in at least three quarters. Vnder Islam, at least during the early centuries, the area of the Bou Regreg was a txmuda camp for the mobilization of soldiers, and the river served as the frontier for the holy war against heretics. He was, at that time, in exile in Rabat because of the ordeal that had struck his family at the hands of “Abd al-i: Lindberg, Numismatique de 1’an,cienne Afrique, reworked by L.

Please keep these instructions for future reference. Bremond, sobre la necesidad a que se veia forzado de atacar Ceuta 4S. A pesar de tamudx esfuerzos, s6lo pudieron ser botadas, en aquel verano, siete galeotas de las once proyectadas Because of the lack of a hesperi quantity of personai documents, it was necessary to rely to a large extent on the material and viewpoints presented by these professional historians, both of whom were scholars in the religious sciences, government functionaries, and 1’l.

It has been the site of pilgrimages since the r7th century. Several examples can be cited here to illustrate mechanisms that came into play in the resolutions of crisis situations.