To split the geometry into the separate profiles, right-click on the sketch in the Graphics window and choose “Split Sketch”, within the sketch’s sub context menu . It’s good to see people are discovering HeeksCAD and HeeksCNC and doing tutorials about it. Neil did some tutorials about using HeeksCAD. As the plans are to port heekscnc as a tool path generator for FreeCAD, Can I did see a YouTube video of a FreeCAD tutorial where the user.

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If everthing goes well, HeeksCNC can now read in backplot. Right clicking on the Tools item also gives some options for importing and exporting the tool table for reuse in future projects. It writes some preliminary lines and comments and imports various objects it will need. Could not load more posts Maybe Soup is currently being updated?

FreeCAD Forum

Not sure if I could be of much help. Heekscnc starts backplotting as soon as the.

JohnDH October 27, at 8: In Python, indentation is very important and you can tell a little about the overall structure just by studying it. If that’s all there was to HeeksCAD, you might conclude that it’s an interesting project but probably not worth the learning curve yet.


HeeksCAD tutorials

ScriptOp is very new so don’t expect much help from the application in writing or debugging your Python code. Articles needing additional references from April All articles needing additional references Pages using Heekscnf software with unknown parameters.

If you enable JavaScript, we will load old posts automatically. If you find anything wrong, you may need to edit your drawing, adjust the parameters of the operations and post-process again.

You talk about using polygons rather than cylinders, which makes sense. The truth is, if you need a high quality software package of almost any type, there’s probably an open-source alternative worth trying. The next section sets specific parameter values for the center hole in our example. The 3D window will display a back-trace of your g-code so you can examine it for problems.

Table 1 lists the operations that require additional installation steps. It might be tempting to think that having the source code is just a benefit for programmers. The attributes are kind of like ‘this word is a comment’ or ‘this word is a rapid movement’, ‘This number indicates a tool change’, heeksccnc.

This is an area where non-programmers could contribute significantly.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat I do that all the time, and it mostly happen after I rotate some of the object. The script has access to herkscnc associated geometry of the sketches and the resulting g-code will be incorporated into the final output.


Hi thanaphan, Did you try selecting a diff machine to see if the existing ones works for you? Thanks for the great software, certainly worth the money. So you might be curious about what’s missing. Right-click to open the context menu and then click ‘Make to sketch’. This is extremely useful to check heeksnc the tool is doing what you expect.

RepRap Log Phase: HeeksCAD, my favorate Open Source CAD/CAM software

Hi d3tic, See the bug fixes page. Foolishly, he does it anyway and blogs about the results at http: Thank you for putting an effort to published this article. These are for defining tools, tuttorial machining operations, and configuring their properties. I realized I didn’t have Python installed – but that has been remedied. For some reason, program.

It also has heskscnc for things like probing and edge locating. It’s hard to imagine doing anything useful without those two operations so you’ll almost certainly want to install their helper libraries. I have linked to Google translate version of this site for us anglophones.