Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. A hilarious overview of the methods people use to get even with big business, government and enemies. These dirty tricks range from the simple to the elaborate. George Hayduke has 23 books on Goodreads with ratings. George Hayduke’s most popular book is Get Even: The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks.

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You will sweep up many fleas into the bag. This stunt gives new meaning to the order, eat shit! On the last one, the CIA insisted it did not mean to murder them.

Get Even : The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks

He suggest you make many, many repeated calls over a thirty or forty-minute period and leave either no message or rude, untraceable ones. High school chemistry efen use this gas for research. Modest that he is, I know he cherishes both compliments George always has been an affront to the pompous twits who rise to positions of power in our world.

Skull says it can be used to fix creeps as well. Also, if you fill an auto’s gas tank with aircraft fuel, it will not be a happy experience for the vehicle, its owner, or the folks standing nearby when the owner tries to start ‘er up. They tell you how to prepare before going to action. Display it in a high-traffic location in the office, dorm, barracks or whatever. Central Intelligence Agency, A more direct method, which comes from Alik Allotjka, requires access to your mark’s answering machine, which, of course, would be easy in a business office.

Hayduke, George Getting Even Paladin Press

Here’s how to mail letters to friends for free. Serve them to your mark.


Then, he is Mr. The shocked husband stuffed hzyduke of her live, exotic pets – one after another – into the churning garbage disposal. Do your duty as a good citizen, too, and report to the proper officials that there are no stickers on Mr. You unlock only one.

Mike Bresina rated it it was amazing Sep 13, Our hero rides around the area at odd hours of the day and night playing quick snatches of porno cassettes featuring very explicit sound effects.

We need more folk like Jennifer Marshall. But, you can use what laws there are. Be assure, it was appropriate and heavy duty.

Instead of using a shaving-cream filler to pie your victim, Dick says to make an excrement pie. An idea formed in Geneth ‘ s mind. After six repetitions of the volume mysteriously going up and down drastically within twenty minutes, the show was stopped, the patrons waited ten minutes for an equipment check, then the film began again. Want your mark to receive lots of junk mail? I, myself, had though of mounting a stiffy dead groundhog so that my mark’s new het ornament” stood up, impaled from the animal’s sphincter muscle.

Using a common kitchen funnel to guide the flow, pour the contents of each of the bugs in each switch hole. You dress in the surrogate-rented suit and do your dirty work. It contains a lot of interesting stunts that you could adopt for your own use.

Bill decided to act. He says that hydrogen sulfide H2S is the gas that gives rotten eggs their wonderful odor.

Get Even : George Hayduke :

According to Shadow, you can take a Spaulding Ping Pong ball – he says it has to be a Spaulding because of the chemical makeup – fill it with liquid drain cleaner, using a hypodermic needle, then wrap black electrical tape all around. Gary waited until the piano jerk had a solo, then crawled to the bench, totally out of sight of the audience, and slipped his body just under the man’s bench.


Bring up the music maestro, let’s explore the issue. He dispensed these doggie hors d’ oeuvres, and the doggies loved them. So, Crazy Larry and Knuclebuster Spike are gonna be there in two hours to collect the money of fa you.

If you feel really devilish, substitute another mark’s name for yours or put many different names with his address on the list.

Spofford, says, you can generate, then mix’n’ match stunts in this book, just as in the earlier books by Mac Chunder and me. Next, take the bags of fleas to your mark’s car. This one works even better if your mark is a super- patriotic son of the Jessie Helms ilk.

Gary decided to have some professional fun. Later, she gave him a check for his share, and an itemized receipt. I learned that four of my former brothers got busted in Maryland on federal gun charges and are going to do about three to five years each. He says to pour sulphuric or hydrochloric acid on the grass atop of the markee ‘ s site. In the meantime, I had called the local DWI hotline and reported her car and license.

Answer “yes” or “no” to these questions. Insist you are trying to keep this quiet and contained. If you answered “yes” to any of the three questions, read on.

He wrote, “I do as you say, George Laughing with her usual guest, Dolly continued, “This orderly was whistling gaily as he approached the bitch and gett cornered audience.