Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud Men of Tomorrow by Gerard Jones The .. del dibujo y las herramientas que se usan para crear una página de cómic. Scott McCloud tore down the wall between high and low culture in with Understanding Comics, a massive comic book about comics. DESCRIPTION. Excelente recopilacin de la experiencia de Mc Cloud en los terrenos de la narracin grfica, con magnficas recomendaciones y.

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As such, the book is a curious exploration of counterintuitive narrative and artistic approaches an artist might deploy while still using the basic mcclodu tropes of sequenced illustrations and text arranged in and out of framed borders.

I got this book when I was really young, and it’s what got me into comics. I also love that this was written and presented in comic book form. And there are chapters which I think would benefit any students working in any medium, be it graphic arts, film, or literature, as McCloud does a fine job of discussing story structure and the uses of symbolic elements to engage readers. He breaks it apart by reviewing storytelling, panels, use of words and Books by Scott McCloud.

I don’t really want to purchase any more books. Jun 25, Jil H rated it it was amazing. His first book, Understanding Comicsmakes this an explicit theme and is essential scottt.

Gana dinero con nosotros. Once understood, it’s time for the real fun making some of those comics, huh? If you ever held the disparaging opinion that comics are the daytime trash of the publishing industry, think again. I really love it BUT why can’t this be an e-book for purchase too?

The section on Stories for Humans should be required reading for anyone who comis them. Recommended to Toby by: I will probably pick up one of his other non fiction books at some point. You’ll learn a lot about how the medium works, and it’ll make you appreciate your already favorite books even more. Towards the end, though, McCloud mentions another factor that may be holding him back when he I’ve always wondered why the master of explaining comics has never achieved the status of master of creating comics.


Art and words, working together to tell stories. The Comic Books 3 books. This is an excellent book for anyone interested in writing comics and wants some tips and tricks to help them on their way. It’s told in an easy, conversational style, making for a quick, yet deeply effective read.

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I am a theory-minded person so his breakdown was particularly helpful to me and those who think in more abstract terms. Sep 06, Sofia rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: It’s super straightforward and haceg to understand.

And he does all of it in his inimitable voice and through his cartoon stand—in narrator, mixing dry humor and legitimate instruction.

Another thing that comkcs refreshing about McCloud is that he takes the medium very seriously, and reminds us, as creators, that we have a responsibility to the art to do everything we can with it, and not simply accept the given standards. His online comics and inventions can be found at scottmccloud. Remember, symmetry means life.

Hacer Comics Por Scott McCloud

If I had to find something wrong with this book, it would be that it only scratches the surface on most points – but then again, the book describes itself as a starting point, and throughout the book you get many pointers from the author to further your knowledge of what’s being discussed.

Deconstruct the medium of comics and graphic novels through the medium itself. I found the sections about facial expressions and artistic motivations interesting and helpful. Touches on topics such as clarity, setting up the scenes, and learning the difference between throwing words and images on a piece of paper and “hoping” the audience gets it versus carefully thinking about, constructing, and presenting images and words effectively to convey a story.


May 14, J.

This book is the work of a human being compelled by passion to make something great, but also to pass along the wisdom of a lifetime learned. Mclcoud read Scott McCloud’s The Sculptor before, and liked it very much, and decided that this book would be worth checking out.

Making Comics: Storytelling Secrets of Comics, Manga and Graphic Novels

Jan 17, Kellan Gibby rated it it was amazing Shelves: Towards the end, comjcs, McCloud mentions another factor that may be holding him back when he describes the four comics camps: All three books consider comics literacy: If you liked Understanding Comicsit’s pretty much more of the same. And from there he provides the reader with a toolbox. But, in breaking down how to make great comics, the author also teaches the reader how to make great visual art and tell a great story.

I feel that in reading this I have a better idea on how to do my Graphic Novel final. Anyone interesting in storytelling period will find some great tips here, including a fascinating chapter on facial expressions and physical gestures and an essential section on how Manga works. Sep 08, Joshua rated it it was amazing.