Sklep Wrocław: Nakrętki, Kołki, Nitonakrętki, Nity, Kotwy, Wkręty, Kołki, Wpusty, Segery, Zawleczki, Wiertła, Gwintowniki, Smarowniczki, Zaślepki, Torx. T Thread G ½, G ¼ (female) T Thread ½ NPT, ¼ NPT (male) T Thread ½ NPT, ¼ NPT (female) T Other on inquiry. NPT, ¼ NPT Gwint. Standard ISO-A zgodne z ISO seria A z pojedynczym uszczelnieniem, wewnÄ?trzne gwinty calowe BSP od 1/4″ do 2″, ciĹ?nienie robocze bar.

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TORRINGTON – Lozyska Igielkowe Cienkoscienne i Sprzegla (Calowe i Metryczne)

Cqlowe variation in backlash from one cycle to another is extremely low. Shaft hardness and strength particularly when approaching torque rating limits Shaft roundness, taper and surface finish necessary to ensure sufficient fatigue life and torque carrying ability Housing strength hardness and cross section to support the applied torque loads Housing roundness, taper and surface finish necessary to ensure uniform torque and load distribution A test program under all expected operating conditions should be carried out before putting a new application into production.

The interior ramps which control the lockup and free run of the clutch are formed during the operation of drawing the cup.

The mounted clutch and bearing assemblies engages when the housing is rotated relative to the shaft in the direction of the arrow marking LOCK stamped on the cup.

Installation procedures are summarized in the following sketches: Adhesive compounds can be used to prevent creeping rotation of the clutch in plastic housings with low friction properties.

Identification, Construction, Special Clutches. Gwitny sizes are listed in the tables of dimensions. Mounting dimensions are based on the inner ring rotating and the outer ring being stationary relative to the load. Applied torque should not exceed the catalog ratings which are based on the compressive strength of well-aligned clutch components.

The design provides maximum cage strength consistent with the long life requirements.

The ramps are case hardened to assure long wear life. Through bored and chamfered housings are preferred. The metric bearing user should note that addition of these values to the h6 tolerances given in gwinyy of dimensions results in a standard j6 tolerance. In determining the gwinfy torque load on a clutch, it is essential to consider the torque due to inertial forces developed in the mechanism, in addition to the externally applied torque.


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Angular displacement between the shaft and housing increases as an applied torque load is increased. Either the member housing the clutch drives the shaft in one direction, or the shaft can drive the clutch and its housing member in the other direction. Opposite 15, in the nominal bore diameter column for metric series bearings in Table 5, will be found the following information: The full complement drawn cup bearing combines maximum capacity and low cost with the advantages of the drawn outer ring.

Continued on the next page. When ordering an extraprecision bearing, add the prefix letter G to the bearing designation. Projektowanie podzespow osi i waw [20]. The go plug and no go plug insure proper size of the bearings in the clutch and bearing assemblies. Description of Tabular Data. Extraprecision bearings are suitable for those applications requiring close control of radial play and eccentricity.

The taper within the length of the outer ring should not exceed 0. Where the radial loads are light, the clutch and bearing assembly can be used without additional support bearings. The drawn cup roller clutch, or the clutch and bearing assembly, must be pressed into its housing.

Bearings of nominal inch dimensions should have the housing bore and inner raceway diameter reduced by. Applied Loads, Lubrication, Temperatures, Backlash. The standard lip contact seals are compatible with common lubricating oils and petroleum based fuels, but they are adversely affected by certain fire-resistant hydraulic fluids and most common solvents.

Drawn cup needle roller bearings with the same radial section as the clutch should be used in the through bored housings for simplicity and economy.

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These major features of dimension and construction are summarized in Table 1. The housing bore should be round within one-half of the diameter tolerance. Calpwe i ochrona betonu. For long fatigue life, the shaft raceway, must have a hardness equivalent to 58 HRC ref, ASTM Eand ground to the recommended diameter shown in the tables of dimensions.


The surface finish of the housing bore should not exceed microinches, a. The recommended minimum housing outside diameters in the tables of dimensions are for steel. When transmitting torque, either the shaft or the housing can be the input member. Excessive thickening of the lubricant at low temperatures may prevent some or all of the rollers from engaging. In production operations using closer tolerances on shaft and housing, they will assemble with consistently lower radial internal clearances than can be expected with the precision series bearings.

The use of caged rollers in inch bearings is indicated by the prefix code letter J. Bearingslbf 1 1 1 2 1 2 1 1 2 2 3 3 2 lbf 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 rpm 13 11 11 11 11 10 10 10 8 8 8 8 11 11 7 7 7 7 7 7 9 BEARING MOUNTINGInch Mounting X End Thickness S Shaft Raceway Diameter inchesmax. Before ordering any clutch and bearing assemblies check for availability. Those for clutches and clutch and bearing assemblies with metric nominal dimensions begin with the letter F.

Type RC clutches have springs integrally molded with the cage to position the rollers for instantaneous lockup. Where volume justifies tooling costs, special clutches may result in a lower unit cost or, in the event of additional costs, may provide an economical solution to an unusual design problem. Metric bearings are available with caged rollers as a standard. The larger the clutch and the greater the mass of the mechanism controlled by it, the more important this consideration becomes. The resulting total radial internal clearance within the installed GB extraprecision drawn cup needle roller bearing will lie in the range from 0.

See pages EE78 for discussion of shaft and housing design. Therefore, before any clutch selection is made, it is important that the following calose section be carefully studied to understand the effects of these factors.