There was also a variant, the GUV Gun Pod 9A that had a grenade When fitted with the three machine guns, the GUV carries This Pin was discovered by Martin S.. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. There is missing armament options for Mi/Mi, Gun container/gunpod GUV- GUV is standard armamnet option for MiV.

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Red Baron Read Only. Soviet experience in Afghanistan in the s led to an unusual innovation in the form of the SPPU series of gun pods, which have traversable barrels allowing them to continue to fire on a fixed target as the aircraft passes overhead.

Russian GUV , July 27, | Lightfighter Tactical Forum

Knights Over Europe Read Only. Over The Reich – Technical Issues. Rising Sun Read Only. Tactical Simulations – General. Please help improve this gguv by adding citations to reliable sources.

I suspect the Mig would need the avionics fitted in the pit to use the weapon, so a major job I fear. Engineers and air crews quickly created a solution by attaching rotary cannons in a cut-out fuel drop tank, creating an impromptu gun pod suitable for attacking ground targets bullets are cheaper than bombs. Gub a nightmare to configure unless you read Russian tho.


On some vehicles they isolate delicate internal components such as radar from the weapon’s recoil and gases, and for jet aircraft allow the weapons to be mounted away from the intakes of the engines, reducing problems of gun-gas ingestion, which may cause the engine to stall.

Control Manager CH Products.

Russian GUV 8700, July 27, 2016 | Lightfighter Tactical Forum

Some air arms use gun pods for fighter bombers for use in strafing attacks. Switch to Threaded Mode. Like Reply 2 Likes. French hero who saved Jews in WW2 dies by Patrocles.

Like Reply 0 Likes. Can they all fire at once? Gun pods increase a vehicle’s firepower without occupying internal volume.

Dorsai I see dumb people Then expensive fighter jets such as the F-4 didn’t even carry an internal cannon. A gun pod typically contains one or more guns, a supply of ammunition, and, if necessary, a power source. Yankee Air Pirate 2 Read Only. Racing forums moved to SimHQ Motorsports web site. Flight Sim Pit Builders.


Falcon – File Updates. Cliffs Of Dover Read Only. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Here are pictures from the original preview and IRL Callsign: Basically it’s a gun pod with 2 4 barrel 7.

Here is a description I found elsewhere. You must be signed in to continue. Block When you block a gyv, they can no longer invite you to a private message or post to your profile wall. When not required for a specific mission they can be omitted to save weight.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Aircraft gun pods. You could mess up some light-skinned vehicles and crunchies for sure Falcon – Feature Articles.

Premium Membership Required Access to this requires a premium membership. Membership Required We’re sorry. When fitted with the three machine guns, the GUV carries rounds of You are not logged in. Medical breakthroughs in by piper.