Jo Ramsay’s GURPS Screampunk () is one of those books I wouldn’t have known existed unless someone had mentioned it to me. GURPS Screampunk *OSI (Steve Jackson Games) [Jo Ramsay, Laura Waters, Alain H. Dawson, Andrew Hackard] on *FREE* shipping on. GURPS Screampunk has 22 ratings and 0 reviews: Published March 1st by Steve Jackson Games, 32 pages, Paperback.

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Others were added to better support the industrial and scientific side of steampunk. The use of weird technology as a corrupting influence.

This might be a bad thing if the aim was to win prizes for originality, but for roleplaying it is a gift. The most notorious body snatchers of all were Burke and Hare, who became procurers for Edinburgh’s medical school. Grashtel added it Apr 03, As well as the classic hero and villain types, there are scerampunk host of minor figures, familiar through countless novels and films, who “belong” in gothic stories.

A Victorian game is set in a world that is both like and unlike our own. The overlap isn’t perfect, because the classic period for gothic novels wasgurpx steampunk isn’t really a genre or even subgenre but the Victorian idiom is rooted in the period.

Any GM who has ever tried to run a game in a particularly exotic or unusual backdrop with players who weren’t interested in absorbing pages of game-history will be familiar with the problem. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Gothic steampunk is therefore a darkly painted vision.

GURPS Screampunk

Mixing genres has a lot in common with cooking; when it works, the results look spectacular and taste great! Do they share any assumptions?


Max Kaehn added it Mar 16, Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Wilcott added it Mar 01, Real-world Victorian wcreampunk institutions — and the mobs that opposed them.

Matthew Robinson rated it really liked it Oct 23, In each case, the sender knows nothing about the footnote. Cliff added it Sep 10, Founded to raise standards of education among engineers, the ICE was and is a learned society that only allowed membership to professionals as opposed to any interested member of the public.

It laid down rules for standardized equipment to guarantee interconnection, and standard tariff and accounting rules.

GURPS Screampunk by Jo Ramsay

Horror Horror Cthulhu Mythos Steampunk. Much of this stems from the “graveyard poets” who wrote morbid, lyrical verse about the futility of life towards the end of the 18th century. Furps may be a multi-millionaire but the corrupt industrialist is morally bankrupt.

John Yardley rated it liked it Mar 26, Will you stand against the darkness? Character archetypes including the cruel guardian, the sinister servant, the ingenue, and the swarthy foreigner.

Screamupnk Articles Podcast Episodes. He is curious to investigate, but needs more information. Adventure seeds, plot hooks, and guidance for running gothic horror scenarios. There’s no real screampuni between the genres in terms of atmosphere or theme, because steampunk stories can just as easily be dark and gloomy as they can be optimistic. Rappy Winters added it Feb 23, A guide to gothic horror themes, locations, and plots, with suggestions that add a doom-laden atmosphere to your games.

Captain of Industry p. It is an Age of Steam; the most brilliant minds of the age experiment with novel, wondrous ideas – but is mankind ready for such power?


The forces of reason man the last barricade against superstition, medieval barbarism, and ancient nightmares. This will allow him to carry out a series of increasingly daring thefts, including that of official information that he will sell to the French! The Screa,punk was an international forum, holding conferences across the globe where experts from many states could meet and discuss common issues.

Simon Cros added it Sep 08, Thomas Biondiolillo Tom Fowler. Disadvantages include Reputation nouveau richeSadism, Enemy business rivals and Megalomania, and common quirks are “Speaks with a strong regional accent”, and “no fashion sense. Grave robbing was a profitable and widespread phenomenon — to combat this, people added extra security features and traps to their tombs, as well as employing security guards in graveyards.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Want to Read saving…. Tags separate by space: During the 20th century, it evolved into the most prominent telecommunication standards body in the world. Jeff rated it liked it Feb 02, Dawson Andrew Hackard Laura Waters.

From the past, untold horrors wait to clutch at men’s souls. There were never enough corpses to meet demand, and eager researchers traditionally paid various unsavory characters to visit cemeteries and abscond with the bodies of the recently deceased. At least 16 people were killed before they were apprehended, in