Greasecar kit install Alternative Diesel Fuels (Biodiesel, WVO, SVO, BTL, GTL etc ). Find Greasecar Vegetable Fuel Systems: Installation DVD A4 Volkswagen Jetta TDI, at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on. Does anyone have the instructions to install one of these? I have most of the parts I think, minus the T used on the coolant. I Think I understand.

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The vehicles existing diesel tank and filter will supply diesel fuel to the engine at start up and shut down. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Yes, any type of vegetable oil will work in your Greasecar, including hydrogenated oils. They didn’t send enough fuel line and they sent 2 of the “Main and Aux” switches instead of 1 main and aux switch and a purge switch.

greasecar | FAQ

You currently have 0 posts. The Greasecar system has been installed in thousands of vehicles and logged millions of miles, we have been in research since giving us unmatched expertise in development, research, design and manufacture capabilities.

I have over k on the Veggi oil all together. Tankless kits are only available by special order. Got ya, I don’t think mine has ever been run on it. You don’t need a different size tee for the coolant connection to the stock hose. Custom tanks can be built to order at an additional cost. I have the 13 gallon tank kit with the pumps and the filter. Will a Greasecar work in a cold climate? Please note the Fuel Disclaimer. Due to a slightly cooler burn some studies have shown NOX reductions when burning vegetable oil.


When I got my kit back in March, everything in the box and ready to go. Biodiesel is a chemically engineered fuel, including vegetable oil, petroleum diesel, catalyst chemicals and some form of ester alcohols. I’ll do some more research on the topic. Guess I wont be doing that install haha, especially if it tears up the car.

That’s interesting, thanks greasecarr the heads up. You will receive the high efficiency of a diesel engine on either fuel. This feature can also be used to bleed air out of fuel lines and is done with a push of a button on your dash without the need to stop the vehicle and open the hood.

Sorry that you had problems with it, but you can pick up those “T’s” at home depot or any hardware store. I hate to hearthat they sent you the wrong size T fitting. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. The heater hose T fittings are the wrong size.

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Raw vegetable oil is very destructive to all diesel engines, both for the fuel system and the engine itself. At the end of the summer I was fine, but as it got cool I was not seeing adequate temps as measured by instqllation IP temp. Find More Posts by latitude I spent hours andhours and many trips to hardware stores.

What if you can’t find vegetable oil?

Originally Posted by cooljjay View Post. They are pretty much useless except for the wiring diagram and flow chart diagram. I have most of the parts Greasedar think, minus the T used on the coolant.


Password Please enter a password for your user account. This seems to vary on a case to case basis and should be discussed with the dealer you have warranty coverage with. Send a private message to vwrobert When the vehicle is being shut down for a period long enough for the fuel to cool the vegetable oil must be purged from the fuel system and replaced with diesel for the next start up.

I’m trying to raise enough local interest to convince Elsbett it’ll be worth their time in the Spring. Find More Posts by vwrobert The electrical connectors are crap sizes. Vegetable oil plants absorb more carbon dioxide from the air during their growing cycle than is released when the oil is burned, this means that vegetable oil does not produce excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere this is referred to as carbon neutral.

Note that passwords are case-sensitive.

I am a bit of a prepper and was looking at it from alternative fuel source prospective. I couldn’t piece anything together to fit better.

Send a private message to latitude Will a Greasecar fuel system reduce emissions? After start up radiator fluid will transfer heat from the engine grsasecar the heat exchangers in the Greasecar fuel system.