There is no need of any specialized skill to begin if you are wondering how to start grasscutter farming in Ghana. Many people are switching to eating white meat. It is also one of the most profitable animal husbandry businesses in Nigeria. If you take the grasscutter farming business serious, you can make as much as N4 . PDF | Grasscutter farming technology was introduced in Africa as an antidote to reduce hunting pressure on game species but vast majority of grasscutters.

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A good number of Grasscutter is consumed yearly but most of them still comes from the wild through hunters who goes into the bush to hunt for them but usually not easy to catch, making the animal meat very scarce in the market. Chinedu, Cld u plz, let me have ur number Reply. Brilliant article need somebody to help dearing Reply. The kids can be separated grasscutfer the mother between five to seven months and place with a male to mate with them.

Good morning thanks for the info pls can you send your contact I am really interested Reply.

How to Get on the Hot Seat? Who are suppliers and what are their contacts? Sometimes up to ten, that means one female Grasscutter could produce 8 — 20 other Grasscutters in a year. While selecting the male, pay attention on the well being, good weight gain in male animals is a very important factors that determine how healthy it is.


Pls I what to invest in this? Thank you for your post. How can we get your contact or email. They can also be fed with the bark of fruits such as Mango, Plantain, Pawpaw, Cassava, and so on.

Females can start mating from eight months and the males can start mating after six to seven months.

I will appreciate it if you can leave your telephone in my ebox. Hello, pls can I start this biz my backyard and will my generator noice not disturb this animal, pls I need ur phone number. Build your cage that way, separate for each colony.

How To Start Grasscutter Farming In Nigeria (Complete Guide)

While measuring 45cm to 60cm in body length. Darlinton Omeh September 7, Johnbull Tade November 19, They can deliver between 4, 7 and 10 offspring at the time of delivery. I learnt inbreeding is not allowed in grasscutter farming. One female grasscutter can give you six to nine babies at a go. Grascutter feeds mostly on fresh succulent grasses and plant roots.

They are the main player in the reproduction of the Grasscutters and they play a particularly vital role in the growth of your business. You an check the “invest” page for more details or use the contact form to contact me. While grass can be directly fed, other grasscuther like sugarcane need to be cut into smaller pieces for easier consumption.

Meet welders to help you construct good cage following the sample cage in this article.

It is a business that does not require millions of naira. Am planning to invest in it with more than two colonies but i have to now how profitable it is before i invest my time in it. Chinedu I need some grass cutter families from ur farm to start with at list three colonies, pls how can I get them.


Well, just like George said, trading or shorting Bitcoin is too dangerous because of the volatility.

Grasscutter rearing in Accra, Ghana: a novel way to ensure food security in the inner city

The best cities to visit in Denmark The best cities to visit in Denmark 15 surprisingly cheap bodybuilding foods for guys in Ghana 15 surprisingly cheap bodybuilding foods for guys in Ghana. Otherwise, the demand for grasscutters is growing by the day hence making it a viable venture more Ghanaians should consider. The notable changing trend in eating rearinf and the low cost of farming grasscutters are enough reasons for you to jump ship.

Please wer can i get good specie of grass cutter to buy, am based in makurdi. Onyebuchi Ann June 13, Hi Darlintonl Thanks for this information.

How to Start Grasscutter Farming in Ghana ▷

Akpabuyo, Thank you for showing appreciation. May God bless this open heart and reward this generosity in Jesus Name. What a wonderful opportunity! As described, it as one of the most profitable enterprises that has had a wide public acceptance and demand. Harmony Adaeze December 16,