Various issues of Gorkhapatra in January and February, Gorkhapatra, January 4, Rising Nepal, February 18, These programs. His dream came true when liberal Prime Minister Dev Sumsher Jung Bahadur Rana began the weekly publication of Gorkhapatra in , which is the first. 7 Results Latest in Gorkhapatra: Page: 1. – 7 Results found. 1 ยท Ophthalmic Assistant. Nepal Eye Hospital. Job Location: 24 days left – Newspaper Job.

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During the time of its publication, it godkhapatra among the few newspapers that were being published in the whole of South Asia in local languages. People perhaps went to dhunge dharas, chautaris and patis in the evenings to get a daily dose of their newsfeeds which these days we can get on our cell phones with a flick of a fingertip.

As such, it is imperative that the management of the Gorkhapatra Corporation take the necessary measures to bring timely reforms in the Gorkhapatra and its other publications, including this daily, which completed 50 years of its publication last year, so that they could sustain and serve the readers in the highly competitive media market for at least another one century.

The uninterrupted manner and way with which the Gorkhapatra has come all along to this day, braving the many ups and downs on the way is a testimony of its ability to adapt to the changes and vicissitudes that have occurred in the political and social landscape of the country. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Oct, Issue Ivy Huang. While the literate population itself was a tiny minority, even among them the newspaper was not so popular because of the tight government control over its contents.

Josse, he and his team worked hard to be increasingly fair over a period of time. Gorkhapatradated January 9, It was a telescope with views of the world beyond the towering hills, a venue for young graduates to announce their talents, an avenue that brought early peeps of literary awakenings to public ears, and probably the only guiding light for the general public towards literacy.


We should also not hesitate to salute other rulers who contributed to publishing the newspaper uninterrupted for years.

Slightly smaller than the broadsheet dailies we get today, these more than a hundred years old papers were of a yellowish, off-white color with a thin layer of dust.

Latest in Gorkhapatra:

Scattering Seeds of New Life. The paper was also going to serve as a medium for the public to express their problems and grievances to the government. They were the years of protests with anger in the air, and hopes and fears under the breaths of those who were fighting for change. Before publishing the first issue of the Gorkhapatra from Pashupat Press, Dev Shumshere had issued a decree that forbade the publication of news eulogising the Ranas and instead encouraged the paper to publish news that were strange and odd.

Today while marking the th anniversary of the publication of the Gorkhapatra, we should salute Rana Prime Minister Dev Shumshere and others, who had their role in ensuring its publication. His reforms were not being held in a positive light by his associates in the palace.

Gorkhapatra Gorkhapatradated January 9, Writers on Writing and Books. Celebrating Harmony in Coexistence. Yet, there was a government directive to the editors to publish both dailies, Gorkhapatra and The Rising Nepal in order to deliver the significance of the announcement to the nation.

India and Pakistan emerged as independent countries only in after the British withdrew from Vorkhapatra Asia.

Gorkhapatra: A Living Relic | Features | ECSNEPAL – The Nepali Way

Media of Nepal List of newspapers. The previous night, Gorkhapatra Sansthan was literally on fire. Small pocket size newspapers were published in the name of The Rising Nepal and Gorkhapatra from the government press at Singha Durbar the next day.

His decision generated national Retrieved from ” https: It began as a weekly newspaper and remained so for the next four decades. While the gorkhapatta was meant to promote the paper among the public, it also demonstrates the promises the paper carried for its founders. Political campaigns by parties for and against the Panchayat were being held all across the country. The Birth of an Era? In a bygone era, there was no such thing as a hotel in Nepal.


Views Read Edit View history. Dec, Issue Evangeline Neve. However, the long history alone cannot work in the present day competitive world unless timely reforms are made to match the changing situation. He recalls his time in Rising Nepal with a bit of pride and a bit of nostalgia. Oct, Issue Bibeka Bazra.

Gorkhapatra: A Living Relic

Gokrhapatra can help Wikipedia by expanding it. News came in the manner of rumors and gossips in the neighborhood junctions. Please gorkhapara this by adding secondary or tertiary sources.

Two clear pathways were now open to the people. Josse remembers an incident during early years of Rising Nepal that caused an international uproar.

Dec, Issue Shivangi Bansal. Gorkhapatra was a golden beginning for print journalism and mass media in Nepal. Nov, Issue Pooja Gurung.

It was during those darker and quieter times that the first printing press rattled at a corner of Thahiti, Kathmandu and for the first time brought voices from people living far away, much farther than just the next neighborhood or the next village.

Serialized fiction and pieces of proto-types of modern short stories can be found through out the early issues of Gorkhapatra. PM Oli President Bhandari voices for including climate change issues in school curriculum Bangladesh ruling coalition declared winner of disputed vote. Gorkhapatra with its very unlikely beginning and decades long history under suppression remained the leading news publication in Nepal through the first half of the 20th century.

The international news were mostly about wars happening around the world without much commentary.