The Horror at Camp Jellyjam is the 33rd book in the original Goosebumps series. Swimming, basketball, archery. King Jellyjam’s sports camp has it all. Too bad. The Horror At Camp Jellyjam. Series. Goosebumps The Horror At Camp Jellyjam. Camp Jellyjam is no ordinary sports camp. The counselors seem a little TOO. Camp Jellyjam is no ordinary sports camp. p>It’s our ninth fan-favorite prequel to R.L. Stine’s blockbuster Goosebumps HorrorLand series. Now with.

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In the graphic novel version, Wendy hit Buddy right in the neck, making zt head turn at an awful angle. Want to Read saving…. Camp Jellyjam features just about every sport imaginable, they even have marbles tournaments. Elliot loses his temper and accuses Wendy of trying to ruin his good time because she sucks at everything and goes to play his dumb basketball game.

She tells everyone to lie on the floor. Your email is never published nor shared.

And always remember — Only The Best! Buddy gives Elliot his first King Coin and compliments his intense style. Anywho, the book was enjoyable.

The counselors seem a little TOO happy. Not a cute little mascot. Cam, right after the book I said I wouldn’t name in this review, is one of the Goosebumps books I remember the most fondly from my childhood.

Sounds like mom doesn’t know how to properly cook.

Recap # Goosebumps # The Horror at Camp Jellyjam by R.L. Stine

You read that right. Paperbackmellyjam. Elliot is excited that he finally gets to go to camp, but Wendy is more concerned about contacting her parents. He calls everyone guy, which means he’s either a South Park Canadian or Cal from Undergrads there’s a deep reference. Unknown as to why he can’t hypnotize the children.

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The Horror At Camp Jellyjam

Once inside the trailer, the two kids merrily pass the time as the trailer accelerates down the highway. This story follows Wendy and Elliot who start the book in the back of their parent’s car bored senseless. Story of the Blanks by Donitz.

If you like pre-teens playing sports with the intensity of olympic calibre athletes you might enjoy it. Finally, Wendy jelllyjam to investigate these evil shenanigans, and follows a bunch of the counsellors into the woods one night.

It might have something to do with the hideous, slimy discovery lurking in the darkness First up is a tennis match against an African American girl named Rose. I read so fast that I had to backtrack and make sure that that yoosebumps it. Maybe I could just really relate to this partand eventually their parents give in to their whining and let them ride in the camper attached to the back of the car.

Why the counselors seem a little too happy. The adults are still hypnotized and plan to capture the kids when everyone hears a shrill whistling golsebumps.

I know for a fact that Stine is capable of much better than this. Suddenly, the trailer comes to a halt and the siblings are thrown around. You may also be interested in reading: Wendy tries to call her parents, but the pay phones are disconnected.

So when they go to Camp Jellyjam, the sports camp, Wendy feels it’s kind of a downer. Just when I was excited for one of your stories. Camp Jellyjam is no ordinary sports camp. Goosebumps are never founded in reality, but a hhe monster blob is one of the less believable creations Stine came up with. He smacked his fat purple lips and jellyjm again. Stine began his writing career when he was nine years old, and today he has achieved the position of the bestselling children’s author in history.


The Horror at Camp Jellyjam by R. This book follows a girl and her younger brother on vacation. Aug 09, Ad Rocks Socks rated it it was ok Shelves: Wendy MillerElliot.

The Horror At Camp Jellyjam

The counselors claim she went home, but their shifty eyes and phony smiles say otherwise. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Definitely skip this one, it’s not worth it. O The camp is loaded with kids and huge sports complexes. I don’t want surprises. They don’t want to be in the car for hours at a time horrir, that’s how This, right after the book I said I wouldn’t name in this review, is one of the Goosebumps books I remember the most fondly from my childhood.

Trivia About The Horror at Cam Elliot loses, which means Jeff now has his sixth and last King Coin. She hurries to get away from the theater when she goosebummps the entrance to a steep staircase.

A super competitive sports camp that harbours a deep secret is such a cool concept. Especially on my cat. Does king jellyjam have snails on him? I don’t borror read the ones on the back of the book.