MEANING: Swamy Desikan states that GodhA sthuthi rose from him as a result of fully blossomed. Bhakthi for Her (Vikasitha BhakthE: utthitham). All sthOthrams. Godha Stuthi – (The Lord’s high regard for the Garlands worn by GodhA dEvi). viswaayamaana rajasA kamalEna naabhou. vaksha: sthalE cha kamalA. Godha Stuthi Tamil Easy to Print – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt ) or read online for free.

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In this contexttheir hearts were fileld with SringAra Bhavam love sentiments and they enhanced their true Bhakthi for the Lord through conversations with Himwhich reflected their moods of blisswhile united with Him and intense sorrowwhen separated from Him. I vaachalayanthi VasudhE rasikAstrilokheem nunoodhikathva samathA vishayai: The sagewho originated from those anthills is Adhi Kavi VaalmIki.

Both of Godhs wore each other’s garland with great affection and joy due to your mutual love.

They broke open the gates of the dam for Swami’s speech and let the flood of sthuthi rush out in a torrent. Swami says that Sage ValmIki rose out of the ears of Godhai.

He is saluted as the foremost among poets because of his creation of the immaculate ithihAsamSrimath RaamAyaNam. How could they be redeemed? That tree is always associated with a gentle creeper.

Sri Godha – Sri Krishna’s Bride: Godha Stuthi – 17

She removes the flower garlands worn on Her tresses and presents them to Her Lord and gofha brings Him under Her spell. Is it n’t it so that the great rivers like Ganga reside in GodhAvari for a long time to become PuNya nadhis? Because of blessing us with pre-eminent PrabhandhamsShe is GodhAvari. They experience spUrthi like experiencing the flash of lightning.


Swami Desikan uses five “api” sabdham to decribe the special attributes of Vyajayanthi Maalai here to build up the climax to declare how Godhai’s SooDikkoduttha Maalai won over it in status.

That reciter will also become very dear to the Lord of Srirangam, the dearst consort of Godhai Ya: These are the supports for saluting Godhai as ” KamalAmivaanyAm “.

PeriyAzhwAr described his raising of Godhai this way: Amrutha Sahajai Godhai distributed the nectar of Her prabhandhams for the upliftment ujjevanam of the world visvOpajeevyam. Shri Andal Stuthi blesses one with a happy and prosperous life. SpUrthi is entirely different.

It is also believed that when Goddess Andal is appeased before praying to Lord Vishnu, it will speed up your prayers put forward to Lord Vishnu.

The mere recitation by One Ya: One should face East while chanting this mantra. This union is no event of great significance to Yamunai compared to Her Yogam of sanchAram travel through Gokulam. NarmadhA is a river ,which rises in the VindhyA mountain and joins the ocean at the gulf of Cambay.

Like the cow yields from its full udder the milk for its calfGodhai blesses us with the nectarwhich removes the samsAric ThApams.

One can also chant this stuthi during the month of Dhanur also known as Margazhi which occurs in the mid of December till mid of January. He gives up resisting the appeals of MahA Lakshmi and responds favorably to Her earlier appeals.

It was however not easy for themsince they were born as males. When You stand next to Him, Your light green hue like aruham pul reflects on Him.


The mantra can be recited at any time when you feel necessary. Once wthuthi karuNA KatAksham of Godhai’s glances fell on themthe Vaak of the poets transformed instantaneously into a delectablenectarine speech. The Vedic aspects of the names of the rivers have been added especially. VishNu thus becomes the payOdhi Duhithu: Please grant me this boon to compose a poem that would be sweet to listen by Your Lord. Godhai’s two majestic sthanams are invoked by the imagery of Tunga-bhadhrA.

Shri Andal Stuthi (Godha Stuthi)

Your Lord is easily pleased by even a small eulogy. In the previous slOkamthe svayamvara mahOthsavam was concluded. Such indeed is the influence of Godhai over Her Lord.

Godhai’s KaruNA KatAksham falls on them and gocha speech vaak of these poets blossoms forth immediately as a result of that bhAgyam. Oh Godhai of the most beautiful and tender limbs!

The many meanings of GodhA have beeen covered in earlier articles of adiyEn. Such indeed is the power of GodhA sthuthi! Your dear husband of choice does not even have a proper bed for You; furtherif you wish to travel to a destination of Your desire, You have to sit with Him uncomfortably on a bird. Swamy Desikan follows the directions given by Sthuthii Sooktham here: Next Swami Desikan refers to ” Nigama prasoonai: