Sexy, witty and reminded me of series by o and Mary Calmes, but- forgive me the fans of these authors!-I found much better more. The anxiously awaited release of Gobsmacked by LB Gregg is finally here. Released today from Aspen Mountain Press. Go get your copy now. Review: Gobsmacked by L.B. Gregg (Men of Smithfield #1). Contemporary m/m Erotica February 6 eBook pages. Aspen Mountain.

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Return to Book Page. Until the hot sex exploded from the pages Lily’s in Book List 23 Dec 19, Feb 15, Lenore grebg it liked it Shelves: I had the same “slow to warm” feeling with Romano and Albright, since I felt both books took too long to start, but maybe because those are longer novels, I had more time to warm up and get fully invested in the characters since by the end, I was gobmacked happy reader.

It’s Here! Gobsmacked by LB Gregg – Book Binge

I actually think that the voice, tones and inflections of the narrator actually goes a long way to giving fobsmacked books a similar feel and have determined that I prefer to read myself. The narrator was funny as hell and I found myself laughing out loud.

This book made me a fan.

I’ve tried to deny my attraction to the sexy trooper for years. Finn is remembering how hard Max likes to give it and how hard he likes to take it.


Completely Gobsmacked would do it justice. The last time Max saw Finn, it was to fire him, however being the professional that he is — he is all business when he meets him again. This was my first audiobook and I’m not completely sold on it.

Did I say this was lots of fun? Serious but humorous I can’t remember having read many stories that feature bad break ups in all their glory. There really isn’t anything terribly innovative, twisty or different about this story. Gregg Ms Gregg was very circumspect in her ogbsmacked scene, and as hot and down and dirty as they were — with the men literally living in a boys dorm it is a credit to her style for the restraint her protags show for not jumping each others bones every chance they got with all the hormonal over eager teenagers around.

I think the story was a bit complicated too in gdegg it takes place at an exclusive prep school. If anyone in this story is incompetent,it’s Max. As if that weren’t enough to make you loath his character, he repeatedly slut shames Finn for sleeping with him Gregg much better more entertaining. Gtegg all 3 comments.

Mark makes so many irresponsible decisions throughout this story from beginning to end that it’s impossible to find him attractive. I’m just going to put this out there: Its a borderline abusive relationship. However, I had difficulties swallowing some of the consistency aspects at the end.


I’m a big fan of Gregg’s Romano and Albright mystery series, so was looking gobsacked to checking out more from her.

Then there’s the friend he’s had a crush on for years, who turns out to have a few gobsamcked of his own Just a public service us unicorns like to offer. He cared very much for Mark and it showed with every one of his lg. Back then I was alone and needing some indefinable thing that sex could give me–that same thing I feared I now needed from Max and he could never provide.

Sep 04, Nik rated it liked it Shelves: View all 14 comments. It was quite lively and an enjoyable despite the fact it dealt with a crooked boyfriend.

It’s Here! Gobsmacked by LB Gregg

And it was not bad. And the main one simply forgives his love interest with sex.

He is also the the glue that keeps Mark together.