The City of Edinburgh Council’s Files and documents available for download within following categories, Social care and health, Children and families, GIRFEC. The City of Edinburgh Council download – Supporting child planning documents | Social care and health | Children and families | GIRFEC. Aberdeenshire GIRFEC Guidance & Operational documentation The guidance document is followed by 4 appendices with additional.

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And Why Might It Matter? Accessed October 12, Centre for Educational Sociology, University of Edinburgh; In this article we first describe the Scottish social and political context, with reference to the devolved system in the United Kingdom, and the recent history of children’s policy in Scotland.

National Records of Scotland. Conti G, Heckman JJ.

Although the GIRFEC model is considered universally appropriate, there are still a number of separate policies and services aimed at the needs of diverse groups, but how these fit into the overarching GIRFEC framework at national level is not yet fully clear. Law Society of Scotland. A Named Person for every child and young person and a Lead Professional where necessary to coordinate and monitor multiagency activity. Please review our privacy policy.

Stafford A, Vincent S, eds. Child Protection Systems in the United Kingdom: Following enactment of the legislative elements in Augustevery child in Scotland up to the age of 18 will have a Named Person available to him or her within the universal services of health or education.

For example, depending on the age of the child, his or her Named Person may be a health visitor at the preschool stage or a teacher at school age. Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People; Childhood Wellbeing Research Centre; It remains to be seen whether full implementation of GIRFEC will result in the improved outcomes for all children and families that the Scottish government seeks, to ensure that Scotland becomes the best country for children to grow up in.


Department of Health; Journal List Milbank Q v. Scottish Home and Health Department. Nevertheless, by its very nature, GIRFEC challenges assumptions about child welfare and the role of the state, inevitably leading to tensions, which will be discussed later on.

The Law Society of Scotland’s Response. Support Center Support Center. It may be that the key to successful implementation is not in the detail of the legislation and the transformational changes required but in the way these processes of change and associated uncertainties are introduced, negotiated, and managed.

GIRFEC is an overarching framework that spans a plethora of early years and children’s initiatives, and as such, the GIRFEC approach is influenced by key Scottish government national policy drivers relevant to children, young people, and families. Smith M, Davis JM. In Scotland what can only be described as a hybrid child welfare approach has emerged.

Document downloads – GIRFEC

Complexity notwithstanding, these policies embody Doucment strategic approach to children and families, 28 that, it can be argued, represents a unique, hybrid child welfare model which by its very nature is difficult to classify within traditional taxonomies.

Draft statutory guidance on the act’s GIRFEC provisions was published in Februaryand formal consultation followed, with an analysis of responses published in June As previously discussed, there are a number of as yet unresolved issues that have arisen from both the GIRFEC framework and the related legislation.


Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Young People. Yet there is scope for interpretation within the legislation and associated guidance. GIRFEC evolved during a period of national policy change, with a range of crosscutting childhood initiatives docment across various policy domains, including health, education, and social care.

Supporting child planning documents

Published online Jun 6. Reflections on Scottish experience. Social Justice and Social Policy in Scotland. The Fork in the Road: Devolution, state restructuring and policy divergence in the UK.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation; Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer: Although full implementation of the legislative aspects such as the Named Person Service will take place in Augustthe GIRFEC framework has already been rolled out across all Scotland’s local authorities, crosscutting a variety of policy areas, such as maternity services and education.

Supporting child planning documents | The City of Edinburgh Council

Children’s rights and children’s wellbeing: Jessica Kingsley Publishers; Review of Child Neglect in Scotland. McAuley C, Rose W, eds. Arguably, the Named Person work is being done already; formalizing it has fueled the debate, which has led to conflicting interpretations of what the role will mean in practice.