The GV-NVR (Network Video Recorder) records video and audio data over TCP/ IP networks. With up to 32 channels of pure IP surveillance, the GV-NVR offers. Security Controls for safe guarding property Camera Installer plus Service in the Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona and surrounding area. Geovision DVR NVR Software Manual – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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Repeat steps 3 and 4 to map more IP cameras. Type the text for the bookmark label.

Only one camera at a time can be selected for this function. Reviews images frame by frame in thumbnails. The POS Filter dialog box has a slightly different look, as illustrated below.

Select one of the following monitor control modes at system startup: To set the camera to return to its home position or a preset position when no motion is detected for a certain time period, specify Idle Mode and Idle Time in seconds. Displays all set regions.

After specifying the duration, you can see the number of merged files will be created. Geovisuon camera selected for the panorama view will keep the recording in original format. See below for a list of all possible Geovision applications that may be open.

First click the button to pause live images and then use the mouse to outline the minimum object size for tracking on the image.

In order for UPnP to be enabled, the following requirements must be met: You can mamual click on the image of the electronic device to change its current state, e. Key Frame Playback If you want to play the most representative frames of recordings or your network bandwidth is limited which affects the smoothness of playback, you can choose Just Key Frame. Idle Time sec indicates the zooming duration in seconds. Select a camera brand and model name from the Brand and Device drop-down lists respectively.


Use the mouse to outline a region matching the normal size of the targeted object. The files in AVI format are playable at the third party viewer. This option produces good image quality without causing high CPU usage.

Geovision Manual – Surveillance System, Security Cameras, and – PDF Drive

Appears if a user logs in or logs out the Main System. In a thumbnail view, a video file is divided into a set of frames. To set the intrusion alarm, click the Alarm tab. Click Searching to search the UPnP-enabled routers. Display Ratio Supported by Panel Resolution This recording codec option is only available for analog cameras. The system will delete the oldest files when the storage space reaches the following recycle threshold: Name Description Accesses different types of live view viewers.

Select the camera from the PTZ Selection drop-down list. The file merging begins on the selected days every week. Specify the amount of time a pop-up live video to remain in the foreground. Select Unattended Object Size, and click the Camera icon to pause live images.

To see the firmware versions that support this function and the default resolutions after the camera is added, refer to Appendix I. Click the Accept check box to make other options available. See Creation of a Host later in this chapter. Select the cameras you would like to configure, and click Configure. Modify the default port value 21 if necessary.


The most common applications are shown in bold.

CCTV Camera Pros Geovision 8.5 Multicam Digital Surveillance System User Manual

The default value is set to 9. Use the directional, zoom-in, zoom-out, focus-in, focus-out buttons to control the PTZ camera. Click the Send button to apply the settings. You can also use the right and left arrow buttons on the panel to change the pages. Figure [Group Name] As described in Figure Up to 16 cameras can be configured for this application.

The Quick Search window will appear. Check the Accept option to make other options available. Lists the video events and their total time length. Select a day of the month from the drop-down list to back up the system configurations. Select to set the position of photo overlay on the screen. Numeric, Currency or Alphabetic. When an unattended object appears in the camera view for 12 seconds, its location will be highlighted. Click to specify the tracking time.

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The ViewLog fast key list appears. Setting up a GV-Fisheye camera Right-click the image of the fisheye camera, select the camera number, and select Geo Fisheye. To access the Startup dialog box, click the Configure button No. So avoid entering the longer test time to save you time.