Georges Bataille () was a French writer, essayist, and philosopher whose works include The Story of the Eye, The Blue of Noon, The Accursed Share. In George Bataille’s three volume The Accursed Share, he imagines a primitive subsistence society that gathers just a little more food or other. This essay addresses Georges Bataille as a historical thinker by concentrating on The Accursed Share (three volumes, ), the text.

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Throughout much of Volume 1 we are geogres expected to accept the concept of energy surplus and growth as, until it can be elaborated more concretely as he deals with its particular instances. Gifts can only be given unstintingly ON, xxvii. Second Opinions Cancel reply.

Remember me on this computer. Before we begin discussing gifts of the body, Lingis, through his phenomenological studies, gives us this theory of the gift which articulates my position: View all 3 comments.

He continues on with his criticism of Native potlatch, putting it paradoxically with reference to te and squander: When we are in love we must consistently act out our love.

Consumption for itself is glorious; it dissolves the individual into the ebb and flow of planetary energy. Henceforth, leaving aside pure and simple dissipation, analogous to the construction of the Pyramids, the possibility of pursuing growth is itself subordinated to giving: In my opinion, I found the thhe economy to be a fascinating critique of society.

That is to say, totality is simultaneously the norm of procedure as well as the instrumental result of our social desires. A magnificent text on the destructive tendency of economy and Bataille’s vision of a “headless society”.

The Accursed Share: An Essay on General Economy, Volume I: Consumption by Georges Bataille

The key passage on the summit and expenditure is expressed as follows: At first I did not accept these tips, offering them to a coworker, whom always pocketed it with haste and gratitude.

In fact, the positive shocks of population growth, the industrial revolution, the green agricultural revolution, and the digital revolution have shown themselves to be even more disruptive.

It requires individuals whose separate existence in themselves is risked, placed at the limit of death and nothingness; the moral summit is the moment of risk taking, it is a being suspended in the beyond of oneself, at the limit of nothingness. The surplus cannot be squandered because the monks and the idle person turn their backs to the solution of excesses AC1,glorious destruction. When Charles Bell, a 20th century British Political Officer, tried to convince the 13th Dalai Lama to increase military expenditure in the interests of national protection it was strongly opposed by the majority of monks.

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What societies do with the surplus of energy is fundamentally constituted by their religious and economic realities.

After a system has put enough energy and wealth to productive use for the maintenance of life and for growth, Bataille argues that the surplus must be spent unproductively. I feel like the last chapter which comes off like some kind of excuse georhes Stalinism drags down the entirety of the book and Batailles incisive mind, nevertheless the theory of the solar economy remains a must for people interested in this author.

In organ donation most individuals do not need a 47 Ibid.

One would have assumed that examples of organ donation are potlatches. He sees human reason and culture as servile to a base pragmatism that fails to take seriously the teleological issues with our efforts to perpetuate endless growth.

The Accursed Share: An Essay on General Economy, Volume I: Consumption

As recommended by Marginal Revolution’s Tyler Cowen Eroticism cannot be discusses unless man too is discussed in the process…. This book explained georrges politics to me. The sacred cannot be identified with concrete totality, at least to the extent that the profane itself must comprise part of the totality we ust propose if we are to define the sacred.

One can survive with a single kidney, but there is a risk involved, including several days of hospitalization and a month or egorges of convalescence, in addition to tremendous pain. In taking this view of an economic system, recognition of limits is established, that is, experiences which explicitly display our mortality. In a sense, Bataille connects the universe to human social relations; this surplus must be expended or destroyed to shage a social equilibrium that may lead to catastrophic events such as WWI.

The transgression then is in confronting death, recognizing the limits of mortality, rather than ignoring it.

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Certainly, at first sight, this seems false. One may earn a living researching for pharmaceutical companies out to make a quick buck, but his weekends are filled with personal research on diseases and cures. The tears and suffering of the distraught or drunken man may be his and his alone, but in my intimate embrace veorges person shedding those tears is comforted when I present myself and console him.

Bataille’s The Accursed Share: The Implications of Excess | Troy Bordun –

The potlatch ceremonies and festivals of the Natives in the American Northwest required the chief to extend an invitation to other clans or tribes. So we find intimacy on a large scale in the equal distribution of energy wealthor at the personal level between individuals recklessly expending their energy, e. The Accursed Share and Me: In unproductive expenditures such as luxuries, festivals, perverse sexualities, the store of energies is given freely; in acting for the purpose of utility and individual gain, energies are stored and instead of a state of common effervescence, there is explosion.

After reading this, I now subscribe to Bataille’s theory of “general economy.

Touchstone Terms: The Accursed Share

To what extent do they themselves influence the methods through which we expel it? But societies usually learn that this kind of response to excess is not a good idea: This conclusion is what only the perspective of the general economy can illuminate; by focussing on a short-term slice of a particular economy, as orthodox economists do, they are deluded into thinking that there can be definite non-squandering ends to profitable operations. Evolutions and Atavisms in Culture, New York: Perhaps the winner has a little accusred energy, perhaps they get fat.

To compensate for this set back I promised that if I were to win a large sum, the money would be split with whoever labored next to me that night.