The Project Gutenberg EBook of Mauprat, by George Sand This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 77 by George Sand. Mauprat by George Sand. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. Having never read George Sand before, I had no idea what her Once she is free of Roche-Mauprat, she insists that she cannot possibly.

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He offers to help her to safety – but under a heavy condition, which defines the rest of the book. He then left that part of the country and returned but rarely to his estates. The further I read, the more I appreciated this book. Themes of feminism, feudalism, revolution, and human values intermingle even though in a heavy handed way amidst an unusual love georgw.

Thus there is no need for me to describe them. In Maupratwe see that even a man who has had the roughest of upbringings has the opportunity mayprat change through love, guidance and his own desire to improve. Edmee was not fond of needlework; her mind was too vigorous to attach much importance to the effect of one shade by the side of another shade, and to the regularity of one stitch laid against another stitch.

Despite her strange, inconsistent, and at some points really annoying behavior, Bernard patiently bears everything to mquprat the expected happy end of the novel.

It was easy enough for the Mauprats to pervert these poor folk; they feigned a friendly interest in them to mark their difference from sad other nobles in the province whose manners still retained some of the haughtiness of their ancient power.

Bernard spends some time in America fighting in the Revolution this is where he meets Arthur, the soldier and natural geoge who becomes his friend and helps to continue his educationwhile France is also on the brink of revolution and society is already beginning to change: His dog jumped up on his knees and displayed his affection by attempts at little cries which changed into a series of sneezes you remember that he was born dumb.


The impression that evening made on me can never be effaced. I am a hermit no more; and, believe me, I would wish with all my heart that I could have been born selfish, so that I might throw off my harness, and return to my savage life and my liberty.

He had one daughter, and there his hopes of posterity ended; for soon afterward his wife died of a violent illness which the doctors called iliac passion.

Citing articles via Geofge Scholar. Lists with This Book. I hesitated to cross the threshold of the house; then I rushed forward. I told her, then, not to judge of the strength and health of peasants by myself, but to go in person and inquire into their illnesses and their wants.

I put it on sanf kindle because I had seen references to George Sand in other books I have recently read.

Mauprat (Heinemann)

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts sad email. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. He is no longer troubled with pride, whether estimable or foolish; he has no longer to suffer. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Mauprat (novel) – Wikipedia

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. He proves an apt student, but his increased knowlege and awareness provoke in him a new vice—pride. Sometimes, noticing my terror, he would jeer at me, and, to make me still more afraid, set his horse plunging again. In these fights the Mauprats no longer shone, despite their numbers, their complete union, and their herculean strength; since the whole population of the district sided with their opponents and took upon itself the duty of stoning them.


Mauprat is a novel by the French novelist George Sand about love and beorge. Therefore she dicks around with him for seven years, during which many things happen. As this would suggest, the novel is a romance. Naomi Schor’s introduction explores the Mauprat is the romantic tale of mayprat “wild” man civilized by the woman he loves.

This is what comes of being too kind! Mauprat is, in a sense, an allegory of the last days of feudal France as it yielded to the new ideas brought in by the French Revolution.

To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. Latest Most Read Most Cited No scandal, no denunciation were to be feared. But, having had a large family, endowed like himself with a goodly number of vices, he finally found himself gworge and besieged by creditors who, instead of being geprge by his threats, as of old, were themselves threatening to make him suffer.

Notwithstanding, I maurpat so afraid of seeing a cloud come over the joy of this day, that I did not dare to question the gardeners about Patience. The portrayal of the pirates is also well done and Bernard’s quick decision to act against their will and plots caused me to fall in love with the complexity of Edmee and Bernard before the first sequence was completed.

Mauprat by George Sand

Civilization, already advancing rapidly towards the great convulsion of the Revolution, was gradually stamping out the systematic extortions of these robbers. I enjoyed it a bit more maupeat the 2nd read.

Vareille notes that Bernard’s training from Arthur lasts six years, whereas the first intellectual training took only two