A new double CD release with Japanese pianist Yoshiko Shimizu, playing George Crumb´s Makrokosmos, Volume I, Volume II and Music for a. George Crumb’s Makrokosmos pieces for amplified piano were created during an especially fertile period of his compositional career. Crumb had received the. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Makrokosmos I -IV on Discogs.

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Compositions by George Crumb. Its contents is as follows:. Similarly to Volume Ithe last piece of each part is notated so georbe the score forms an image: Extra-musical influences are offered in the designation of a sign of the Zodiac to each piece as well as a descriptive title.

Virtually every imaginable pianistic tone color is exploited in the work. In repeated encounters, listeners will surely discover for themselves the endless riches of this masterful composition.

George Crumb – Makrokosmos vol.1

New Music BoxIssue 70 – Vol. Despite the many innovative features of this composition, the general curmb of the two volumes of Makrokosmos belongs to the long and venerable tradition of composing pieces that demonstrate the technical and musical resources of an instrument. In addition to such nonverbal vocal effects, the composer has the pianist utter talismanic words and phrases. Primeval Sounds Genesis I [4: The extended sound-world of the piano called upon in order to perform Makrokosmos includes techniques such as glissandi on the strings, production of harmonics, percussion on crossbeams and the soundboard, pizzicato, the use of a wire brush, the use of a light metal chain, some paper to produce a metallic buzz, thimbles, glass tumblers, arm clusters as well as detailed use of the sustaining and sostenuto pedals, particularly in geotge groups of notes silently and activating those particular notes through ma,rokosmos or invoking an eerie resonance at the bottom of the piano.

Still, it was impossible not to respond to Ms. The Abyss of Mxkrokosmos [2: Commissioned by the Fromm Music Foundation for Swarthmore College, the makrokodmos is scored for two amplified pianos and percussion two playerscontains fewer pieces, and does not associate any of the pieces with Zodiac signs. And in several pieces, while playing and scraping, Ms.

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The collection is subtitled Twelve Fantasy-Pieces after the Zodiac and is scored for amplified piano. Award-winning filmmaker Evans Chan has captured the many facets of Ms.

Makrokosmos vol.1

Cadenza Apocalittica Scorpio L. The record industry is poised at the very first beginning of a totally new concept for delivering new music to the public and I feel that Mr.

Rain-Death Variations Pisces F. At one stage in the genesis of MakrokosmosCrumb had planned three volumes, each with nine pieces plus an Epilogue. The palette of traditional pianistic colors — those produced by playing on the keyboard as usual — is enriched by traversing the entire pitch range of the instrument, using special pedal effects, and exploiting an extraordinarily wide dynamic range amplification makes possible not georgf tremendously loud sounds, but also helps us to hear extremely soft ones.

The DVD version should be available again in several months. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He has written chamber and electronic works, music for theatre and dance, and is currently working on a chamber opera, Die Bestmannoperwhich has been presented, in part, by the Kammeroper Schloss Rheinsberg.

Every composer should be permitted an occasional flight of whimsy! Agnus Dei [Symbol] Capricorn R.


Was it the arioso passages of gsorge op. And Mode Records have re-issued a recording of both books of Makrokosmos, performed by Margaret Leng Tan, originally released in for his 75th birthday. But as these were composer supervised recordings, and the whistling is indeed very professional sounding, with good theremin sounds, Crumb must have supported the idea.

Music of Shadows for Aeolian Harp [2: The fingertips also serve to dampen vibrating strings, sometimes at the same time that the pianist strikes the notes on the geroge, resulting in muted drum-like sounds. These pieces constitute a massive and detailed exploration of the sounding possibilities of the piano.


Crumb has connected this musical venture with the star signs of the Zodiac. George Crumb wrote Makrokosmos in and The initials of friends and family and influential figures from the past e.


Just as pianists come to appreciate the intricate architecture of Makrokosmos in the process of rehearsal and performance, the design of each piece and of the whole crystallizes for listeners after repeated hearings. George Crumb Makrokosmos Books 1 and 2 Mode For anyone reading this who has yet to make the switch from VHS, there are no more excuses to live in the digital dark ages. The second volume of Makrokosmos was completed in Indeed, very few post piano compositions continue to be so widely performed and recorded, and from the present vantage point, it seems increasingly certain that these pieces have earned a secure place in the repertoire.

Of course, many un-orthodox playing practices are exercised by the brilliant pianist Margaret Leng Tan, like plucking strings inside the piano, playing glissandi across strings, sliding a scrape along a string and so forth – and the truly extraneous sound appears in whistles and vocal utterances Night-Spell I Sagittarius A.

The last piece of each part is notated in such a way that the score forms an image: The Artistry of Margaret Leng Tana 90 minute documentary feature which has been screened at several international film festivals. The apparent ease of the flow of events in Makrokosmos may persuade one of an improvisational approach, but this is belied by the comprehensive sketches, with planning of the over-arching intent as well as mmakrokosmos minute details.

However, these objects do not, as with Cage, stay put during performance, but are georfe and removed by the performer during playing.

That is why it is so important to experience Crumb’s music live. Pastorale from the Kingdom of Atlantis, ca. This reveals a peculiar, childish, humoristic whim, not unlike the counting makrokosjos whistling in some Stockhausen pieces, or the bird whistles in some Cage works. It departs considerably from the previous two.