Gentoo Linux package details for dev-qt/qtgui: v 5/ gentoo .. kde-apps / okular: Universal document viewer based on KDE Frameworks .. loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file. Is it possible to view djvu files using okular. If I open a djvu file with okular I get the error “cannot find plugin” I use ubuntu Thanks. Since upgrading to I am finding that Okular gives an error message on every file that I try open with it. I have just installed the latest.

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Sound editor built on KDE Frameworks 5 that can edit many types of audio files. Chart component library for the Qt5 framework.

Framework providing a full text editor component. Framework providing an assortment of widgets for displaying and editing text. Image and video texturing library. Tool for extracting data points from graphs.

KDE timer for making a fine cup of tea. A Simple Screen Recorder. Stereoscopic and multi-display media player. Qt Crossplatform Jabber client. A software that delivers parallel interactive visualizations. As a 10 or 15 year long gentoo user who’s been among a moderately short list of individuals with speaking privileges in the gentoo dev channels on freenode in the past becoming proficient with gentoo didn’t come easy at first but dedication to keep trying will reward you should you choose to be persistent: KDE character selection utility.


Qt GUI configuration tool for Wine. Library to import mail from various sources. Organizational assistant, providing calendars and other similar functionality. Set of QML types for adding visual effects to user interfaces. A little KDE game about balls and how to get rid of them.

kde-bugs-dist – [Bug ] New: Okular Cannot Open ePub

June 4th, 7. A general purpose tile map editor. Application for debugging Akonadi Resources. Free EDA software cannlt develop printed circuit boards. Depend on libnsl on glibc systemsbug Closes: Okular can not open any pdf files “Upgrading” ubuntu is still full of bugs. June 1st, 3.

One day the trials will end and we shall rise above all, but use the systems of the squids and krill for what you need and only for what you need, and persevere in the hope of the future. KDE Interactive Gentio tool. KDE image scanning application.

Gentoo Forums :: View topic – [solved] Okular suddenly can’t open images

Most binary distros tend to compile software with every possible feature enabled. Library for displaying values on a polar coordinate system. Frontend for Cachegrind by KDE. Set of controls used in conjunction with Qt Quick to build complete interfaces.


Manage print jobs and printers in Plasma. Frontend to various audio converters.

A software to control DMX or analog lighting systems. Extended Prolog supporting quantifiers, object-variables and substitutions. Property editing framework with editor widget similar to Qt Designer. Allows launching external applications and LeechCraft plugins from LeechCraft.

Libraries for messaging functions. Offline documentation browser inspired by Dash.

[Bug 225937] New: Okular Cannot Open ePub

Framework for creation and generation of reports in multiple formats. A color matching game. Registered Linux User Registered Ubuntu user Lightweight and versatile audio player. Image viewer and organizer. A tiny RSS and Atom feed reader.

CoolReader – reader of eBook files fb2,epub,htm,rtf,txt. Framework for icon theming and configuration. KJob based DAV protocol implementation. At last, I finally managed to make a proper installation of Gentoo that I could log into without chrooting yesterday. Folder synchronization and backup tool based on KDE Frameworks.