Aircraft Systems Technical Memorandum GENPLOT – General Plotting Program. User Guide and Reference Manual. Version by. Download Citation on ResearchGate | GENPLOT (General Plotting Program) User Guide and Reference Manual Version | Program GENPLOT was. View Notes – Genplot manual-Getting Started from MSE at Cornell University. Getting Started with GENPLOT REQUIREMENTS THE USER GENPLOT is.

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GenPlot | Software | Surface Neutron and X-Ray Scattering Group | Ames Laboratory

It provides powerful, user friendly graphics capabilities with minimal programming effort. The grid lines will be drawn at the major tick mark positions. This file contains the data file name, the number of columns in the data file, the line number to start reading data file, and i the line number to stop reading the data file.

The default is to draw numeric labels outside the plot box. Redraw the available legend at a new co-ordinate position. Get number of columns in data file. If a requested colour is not supported by the plot device, the device will use whatever is available.

Input Default value file 3. See the DI users guide Ref.

Line number to start reading in 1st file 9. This file can be in the user current directory or in a sub-directory of the current directory. Whenever a default font is set, the font menu will be displayed. After locating and opening the file s containing data for the current line to be plotted, the required data is read. To set the line characteristics the following menu is displayed. File single column liles 0. Get line number to end reading data file. Converts an integer to its character equivalent.


If single text lines have been created previously in either a non-zoom or zoom plot then the user has the option of redrawing them. If single text lines have been previously created the user will be informed and given the option of having them drawn on the zoom plot. Line number to start reading in 2nd ile 8. This file can be saved in the users current directory or in a sub-directory of the current directory.

The characteristics of each line on the plot are set by the user via a line characteristics menu displayed after the plotting options for each line have been set. Terminal specific functions e.

GENPLOT online manual

If the line connecting data points is to be drawn then the line style and line colour can be selected. If more than one directory is to be accessed for files, GENPLOT should be run from a directory above the highest directory to be accessed and common to the accessed directory branches. The menu will no longer contain the plot aspect ratio set option, and will gdnplot a change-line-characteristics option. The user is requested to enter the required plot frame height. The Top-Left-Corncr of the legend box is positioned by the user.


The default is not to draw markers, unless the line connecting data points is not to be drawn. Draws the plot labels. It enables the user to display the labels on the screen before drawing the plot. At the end of each line a carriage return must be entered to continue entering the label. SlartUp has two purposes. Draws an hour-glass-shaped marker at the specified position on the plot.

This is done because when the metafile was terminated all retained segments associated with the device are dis-associated. Name of second data file 6.

DTIC ADA211770: GENPLOT (General Plotting Program) User Guide and Reference Manual Version 4.06.

If the user selects a terminal type in the start-up program for which a bound version does not exist the user will be notified. The ticks can also gsnplot drawn inside or outside the plot box. The number is read as a character string, checked, and converted to a real number. Checks for and corrects rounding errors of numeric labels.

Number of lines to skip 9. Brief explanatory notes 2.