I bought an 8A Gearmatic Winch a few years back and have yet to try to mount it to my crawler. I have a ’59 JD crawler. Looks like it should. I Have a gearmatic 8A and the parts book and operating manual. The manual also covers the 8G. I have been able to get parts from a local JD. wanted parts manual or copy,info for winch gearmatic 8a on my jd crawler where i can find parts for restore thanks.

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In the meantime, I’m researching the availability of the oil seal – federal Mogul Don’t remember how much it was, but not expensive. No registered users and 14 guests. So i just ground them off with the right angle grinder and will have to try and retap them later after i get the spider out, and then i can work on the those alignment screws alittle easier Thanks for all your help Brett, if you wanted to pay them for it, they do sometimes make patterns for outside jobs.

The bottom part goes up inside of it. Many of the tactics I used to dig deeper were from recollections of the various posts. Once the cable was off the drum, I started tapping on the drum with a ballpeen hammer to loosen things up, and the next thing I know, the drum was sliding off the inner bearing and off the main shaft.

I guess that destroying the bearing is an option since I have a replacement, so levering against the case would work, but I’m open to other ideas. Finally got my winch back together. Now is the time to do it, I would even remove the winch from your Deere and replace the bearings on the input shaft in the winch. All the steel work i know of is out of china. I honed the bores with a brake cylinder hone and used brake fluid as a lubricant.


Easy on the flame wrench. Convinced the guy to sell me one.

JDcrawlers Messageboard

Geamatic that you have a winch you will have to build a canopy or some sort of FOPS!!! They are annoying and problematic. It takes a long time and lots of penetrates and persuasion to free stuff up. We used hemlock from the place for the frame.

Things are easier to figure out if you can see them in diagram. From what I’ve read and from various comments, I need to remove the drum which can be a challenge.

Gearmatic 8 A project – JDcrawlers Messageboard

I’ll have to work on it in the winter, tried to get some parts off it and they are rusted solid, probly 8z they broke the cover. Enjoy the fruits of your efforts. Also have been using a skidding cone for larger hitches. My puller doesn’t have long enough arms for this task.

Paul, unfortunately 60 years of knowledge on these winches is slowly being lost, like a lot of similar older equipment. Parts and restoration for antique and late model John Deere crawlers.

Digging deaper into my Gearmatic 8a winch – includes pictures – JDcrawlers Messageboard

Leaking brake fluid contaminates the clutch and brake banding, and finds its way into bearings dissolving the grease which then leaches into places it shouldn’t be. Try to find an iron foundry around you that still hand molds parts, if you have the part that they can use as a loose pattern it is not much work to reproduce it. When trying to remove the clutch spider, do not over tighten the jacking bolts.


The later controllers for the 19 used identical cylinders.

It is possible to bend one of the legs which will make adjustment of the clutch bands at reassembly difficult. It looks like the winch drum sits on two bearings 30and can be driven off towards the clutch side without opening the crown gear and pinion side of the winch.

Unfortunately they have almost no parts available any more. The fiber washers fail after they have been tightened a couple of times and will piss you off. If not i may be able to stitch and lock the broken one back together but thats gonna be a lot of work. I did have to look thru some of my old photobucket pictures to jog my memory Still not quite there, but at least the winch doesn’t spool in when the clutch is disengaged as it did randomly in the past this was of major concern- I like my hands and fingers.

Once you get in the habit of going thru those motions Its not that bad at all.