Garuda Mahapuranam. (Hardcover). By: VEDA Garuda Mahapuranam. Garuda Puranam by Veda Vyasa. Translated in to Malayalam by VS Idaikkidath. Garuda Puranam Malayalam Pdf Free -> DOWNLOAD 4bbbd Listed below is a collection of Malayalam Spiritual ebooks (PDF Books). Let us try our. Garuda Purana is one of those Ashtaadasa Maha-Puranas. It is called Garuda Purana because it is in the form of a dialogue between Garuda.

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The text describes a variety of Asanas posturesthen adds that the postures are means, not mmalayalam goal. Those who forsake their wives and husbands for no apparent reasons are also sent here. They are crushed to a pulp by heavy beating.

Garuda Purana: Unraveling the secret of death!

The Integrity of the Yoga Darsana: When they recover their senses, the beating is repeated. Other scriptures Bhagavad Gita Agamas.

The torments of Yama Raksobjaksam Revenge attacks – Those who do animal and human sacrifices and eat the flesh after the sacrifice will be thrown in this hell.

It is, states Rocher, “entirely unsystematic work” presented with motley confusion and many repetitions in the Purana, dealing with “death, the dead and beyond”.

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Revealing the mystery of death Uniqueness of Garuda Purana lies in the fact that it is the only sacred text that talks about the life after death, the journey of the soul, death and its aftermath, rebirth or reincarnation. While Vedas are the sacred scripts of Hindu Dharma; Puranas are the backbone of Hindu philosophy which contains essence of Hindu religion, civilization and culture.


Little by little desires should be gratified. It contains about slokas and is classified as Saattvika Purana. Temples, asserts the text, exist in many thematic forms. Friendship and enmity is bounded by a distinct chain of cause and effect self-interest.

Sukaramukham Crushed and tormented – Rulers who neglect their duties and oppress their subjects by misrule, are punished in this hell.

Garud Purana is a great and mystical book that contains information that can baffle us and enlighten us at the same time. It is a part of Vaishnavism literature corpus, [1] primarily centering around Hindu god Vishnu but praises all gods.

The text similarly discusses the following virtues — right conduct, damah self-restraintahimsa non-killing, non-violence in actions, words and thoughtsstudying the Vedasand performing rites of passage.

Elements of Hindu iconography. Even the modern science could not break the mystery of death and after; whereas, Garuda Purana has spelled out these realities ages before. There are various kinds of terrible beasts as well.

Those who wander about irresponsibly like animals are thrown in this well to get polluted by its contents. There are thousands of dogs in this Naraka and they attack the sinners and tear their flesh from their bodies with their teeth. Raksobjaksam Revenge attacks – Those who do animal and human sacrifices and eat the flesh after the sacrifice will be thrown in this hell. A stable king is one whose kingdom is prosperous, whose treasury is full, and who never chastises his ministers or servants.


The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies: They will be puraam alive by these beasts. The version of Garuda Purana that survives into the modern era, states Dalal, is likely from to CE with sections added in the 2nd-millennium. He compiled 18 great puranas called Ashtadasa Maha Puranas; a great treasure gifted to the mankind.


It is believed that by listening to Garuda Purana, a Brahmin will be bestowed with Vidya; a Kshatriya with Land and a Vysya with wealth. Salmali Embracing hot images – This Naraka is intended for men and women who have committed adultery.

Reading Garuda Purana will definitely change the yaruda of an evil-doer or a sinner. Views Read Edit View history. Here oil is kept boiled in huge vessels and sinners are plunged in these vessels.

Little by little a man should acquire learning. Sign In to earn Badges.

Here they are made to run around in this unbearable heat and drop down exhausted from time to time. Worms, insects and serpents eat them alive. Each thematic form of temple architecture permits nine styles of temples, and the Purana lists all forty five styles.