Those new to Gann’s methods should find Gann Simplified a fascinating introduction. Clif Droke has done an excellent job of delivering the “essence” of W.O. Clif Droke has done an excellent job of delivering the “essence” of W.D. of Gann’s seminal theories in Gann Simplified, making them understandable and. “Those new to Gann’s methods should find Gann Simplified a fascinating introduction. Clif Droke has done an excellent job of delivering the “essence” of W.D.

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Rather than try to predict which way prices would move after the consolidation was completed, Gann taught that a 68 Gann Simplified trader should wait for the gann itself to declare its intent, then follow it. Avoid getting in and out of the market too often.

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Paperbackpages. The trader should have sold out his line of BBC at that time and awaited for the market to signal its next move. GannThis is lcif one of the many predictions and theories developed by Gann that are still relevant and useful in today’s trading arena.

Gann Simplified by Clif Droke

Trade in 4 or croke stocks, if possible. Of course, you must consider the total outstanding stock and the floating supply. This rule, however, should not be applied in panics. On my bookshelf, in the trading section, I have: If you make two or three consecutive trades and they go against you, Gann Simplified 79 and you have to take losses, better quit for a while and look on. The Mathematician certain stocks at Gann possessed an extraordinary gift for mathematics.

Ckif the cycle is extremely long term, it has repeated itself only three times in the stock market.


This is a classic example of when the filling of a gap in an uptrend has very bearish implications. He saw many parallels between the concepts of geometry and the patterns in the market.

Stocks, like atoms, are really centers of energies, therefore they are controlled mathematically. If crops are good, they are likely to become too hopeful and exaggerate the good condition…you must discount their reports and opinions. Breakaway gaps usually occur on heavy volume. Notice the seasonal tendency for the Dow Jones Industrial Average to decline into autumn, then reverse in the October-November time frame.

Gann also found that price objectives could be forecast by measuring the amplitude of the preceding swing — whether up or down — and adding this measurement in terms of points onto the beginning of the next swing. The declining trend continued until April before reversing.

Gann Simplified

Gann left behind and have added several new things to the course in the last simpliried years. I had observed several dozen high-flying stocks as they came crashing down to earth.

Note the protracted sideways trading range that developed between April and January The true key reversal day marks an important turning point, but it cannot be correctly identified as such until well after the fact; that is, not until after prices have moved significantly in the opposite direction from the prior trend. I then reasoned that a change in ownership most likely would occurr right at the top and that the rectangle could always be seen as the place of final distribution.

Open interest is really more a data field than an indicator.

Gann Simplified – Clif Droke – Google Books

The more negative the correlation between the markets, the more diversified the risk. According to Gann, one of the most important things that traders overlook is the amount of capital required to make a success trading in commodities.


When fluctuations are very narrow and the market is dull and inactive, it shows that the buying and selling is reduced to a small scale, and no big move is indicated. Gann Simplified buy signal Figure This is but one of the many predictions and theories developed by Gann that are still relevant in today’s trading arena. Gann felt that a 1 x 1 trend line provides major support during an uptrend, and when the trend line is broken, it signifies a major reversal in the trend.

Kent Conine as Chairman, Thomas H.

Gann Simplified: Clif Droke: : Books

After a particular market move, prices retrace a portion of the previous trend before resuming the move in the original direction. Wait until your judgment gets clear, and the market shows a definite trend.

He also divided price actions into thirds: A nominal model eimplified cycle lengths can be used as a starting point for any market. Most futures markets have at least five dominant cycles. On the other hand, if the demand, or buying power, exceeds the selling, prices will advance regardless of good news.

Gann believed that trading success hinged on being able to put the two together into one comprehensive picture to be able to interpret the balance of demand in a given stock or commodity. Sergio Almeida xroke it as to-read Jan 20, Mysterious as it is, the reader can still tell that is was written by W.

Gann Simplified diversification Limiting risk exposure by spreading the investments over different markets or instruments.

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