I have designed my pattern by looking at many, many pictures online, to get a good idea of what a gambeson should look like. I have looked at other people’s. Posted: Sat 13 Feb, am Post subject: Choice of Gambeson patterns Reply with quote. Hi, I’m preparing to do a suit of mid-late 15th Century armor. Period Pattern ™ No Medieval Military Garments. Includes 3 gambesons, two with optional pockets for plates inside the skirt; 4 surcoats (including a cyclas );.

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It might be decorated with applique or paint, especially if it was a surcoat. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Get the widest you can find At least 1″.

Be careful not to bind at the elbow or you will limit gqmbeson range of motion. Next you will use paper to pattern the arm and neck openings for the front pattern.

This will usually occur at the shoulders and the tops of the sleeves. Typically I include a spare button or two.

I was wondering if you have any advice for how to integrate the kidney belt portion of this particular arming jacket. The garment will tend to gamebson damp for some time, they may acquire a damp-wool type smell nearly as bad as the worn padding smell, but this can be sorted out by airing. I had actually been considering the padded shoulder version shown in the Reconstructing History link; a photo of that style with a brigandine is here: Once the stitching is done, I flip the joined pieces over.


I left about 5mm of hanging edge, for stitching the pieces together later on. Next trace only one arm opening you can patterb your pattern in half lengthwise so that the dimensions will be exactly the same on both sides. There are ways of preventing migration — checkerboard sewing instead of tubes alone at effected areas. Sat 13 Feb, 8: First you will need to determine your critical measurements: Do this for all four of the torso pieces, it is critical you ensure the measurements are accurate.

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I understand and know how to make a period doublet; but I have not seen anything which has the technical capacity of the poirpoint gambeson in terms of mobility of arms, stability of leg mounts, etc. I like mine about mid thigh. Sat 13 Feb, 9: It will lay out as a trapezoid with a hole in the center. I did it by sewing the edges of the pieces together, like so:.

Renal belts were designed to be worn with armor for additional protection. Sun 14 Feb, 7: At 15th century inventory records Sir John of Gaunt as having patern box of scraps for making cloth armour which could suggest scrap stuffing.


However, cotton wool gambeaon probably not in use in the dark ages, as it would have been imported from the east. It gets tied after putting the gambeson on. Mockup of the Torso.

How to join this site? An alternative to washing might be smoking — or simply wearing near wood fires a lot. The sleeves-seams can also be disposed of by overlapping the sleeve and the body and sewing eyelets into the body and top of the sleeve to attach the sleeves.

how to make a gambeson – In The Shield Wall

Where Three Roads Meet A number of contemporary depictions seem to show spaulders made in a similar globose form. It seems to behave similarly to wool, but without the risk of being converted into felt over time. I also use para cord for my ties on both sides, I’m in the military so gambesoj very cheap, indestructible, does not rot etc.

Remember, the more layers of padding you add, the heavier and hotter the gambeson will be!