A Parisian antique dealer with a lust for corpses indulges his macabre fetish in this faux shocking novella by the late Wittkop (–). THE NECROPHILIAC BY GABRIELLE WITTKOP. Last Christmas I decided I was going to buy my mother some books. She has always been a. The Necrophiliac, Wittkop’s first novel, is structured as a series of entries in the diary of Lucien, the eponymous corpse-lover and owner of.

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Lucien is an elitist, a connoisseur. The author paints for us a Parisian man, Lucien, who – as his name perhaps indicates – is just looking for a way tje of the darkness, though with every new lover, he casts himself deeper into the abyss.

He perceives living people as if on their way, waiting for them. This is a novel; its goals are a little different. She announced her intentions to her editor in a farewell letter: Because even amor intellectualis — that great white rose —waits to be paid in return.

Lucien is a man who lives in two worlds and with this novella, we get the peephole view of a man who truly loves and respects the dead. One after the other he has to get rid of them, however carefully he tries to preserve them.

Gabrielle Wittkop

After all, Lucien wtitkop his own respectable business. You can read my entire discussion here. View all 3 comments. La pedofilia inducida en el taumatismo. Similarly the illustrative quotes chosen here are merely those the complete review subjectively believes represent the tenor and judgment of the review as a whole.

I multiplied the bags of ice. A book that would have excited Baudelaire. But what is on the surface the story of a transgressive freak has cosmic implications for all of us. The complete review ‘s Review:. Even though Lucien is aware of his morbid predilection, he still has enough pride to take offense when people confuse the necrophiliac with the vampire.


This is a deeply disturbing book written in diary form that follows Lucien as he meets his needs and desires, needs and desires that only the dead can fulfill.

Seeing Red by Ellen Jones. That sentence seemed odd to me as Th typed it because my first impulse is to think that the dead have personalities.

What type of genitals his “partners” own, how old they were when they were It’s a kind of masculine thw that stretches a narrative to fill a larger container than it requires. The narrator is, of course, a very limited character — and Wittkop was wise not to let him stretch his tale out at much greater gabrlelle. Each encounter is Lucien is an antique dealer, a French gentleman, and a necrophiliac. Yes, “The Necrophiliac” is not just a clever title; it’s a story about a man who makes love to the dead and uses every opportunity to do so.

There are numerous disturbing, and quite graphic, descriptions of sex witrkop dead people, more than one of whom are children [including a baby]. Triste por tener que separarme siempre de los que quiero.

If watered down and trite. I kept her for almost two weeks, barely sleeping, feeding myself with what I found in the fridge, drinking too much at times. Only an exceptional writer can make necrophilia seem more appealing than appalling. As with Nabokov, the comedy comes from the difference between how our narrator writes and what he gets up to. He is a romantic necrophile, genuinely drawn to specific dead people. You are commenting encrophiliac your WordPress.

Perhaps you have a stronger stomach than I do, but I make no necrophiliacc for what I have revealed [nor for my squeamishness]. The first identified sex-attractant pheromone was bombykol from the silkmoth Bombyx mori. A Manual for Cleaning Women: It is his aphrodisiac.


This new translation introduces readers to a masterpiece of French For more than three decades, Lucien — one of the most notorious characters necrohpiliac the history of the novel — has haunted the imaginations of readers around the world. Brought along by necrpphiliac, into the depths, into the salt and seaweed, into the foam and sands, into the icy currents that are stirred up by the stare of the moon and become as agitated as semen.

Authors ranging from the Marquis de Sade to Edgar Allen Poe to Chuck Palahnuik have relied on similar tricks, juxtaposing the abhorrent behavior of their characters with irresistibly lovely language, daring the reader to fall under the poetic spell and into the seductive consciousness of every variety of sadist, necrphiliac and psychopath.

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Gabrielle Wittkop – Wikipedia

It keeps me going. Wittkop, via Lucien, writes in impressively fluid, elegant sentences, tge are reminiscent of Vladimir Nabokov or the great Italian author Giuseppe Tomasi de Lampesdusa. Return to Book Page.

Preview — The Necrophiliac by Gabrielle Wittkop. It has not appeared in English before, even though it was originally published in But some gaps do need the occasional thoughtful contribution. When Gabrielle Wittkop learned she had cancer she killed herself.

There are numerous disturbing, and quite graphic, descriptions of sex with dead people, more than one of whom are children [including a baby].