Extensively rewritten and reorganized, this new edition of Evolution–featuring a new coauthor: Mark Kirkpatrick (The University of Texas at Austin)–offers. This text is Chapter 22 from “Evolution” () by Douglas J. Futuyma. The chapter is made available here as a pdf file with the generous permission of the. Sunderland, Massachusetts U.S.A. evolution. THIRD EDITION. DOUGLAS J. FUTUYMA. Stony Brook University. Chapter 20, “Evolution of Genes and Genomes”.

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The Evolution of Genes and Genomes The Birth of a Gene Gene families The Death of a Gene Evolution of Protein-Coding Genes Evolution of coding regions by genetic drift Evolution of coding regions by positive selection Evolution of Gene Expression Gene Structure Chromosome Evolution Fissions, fusions, and the evolution of chromosome number Inversions and the evolution of chromosome structure Evolution of Genome Size and Content Genomes large and small Genetic parasites and transposable elements Routes to the evolution of the smallest and largest genomes Summary The probability that a beneficial mutation spreads Evolutionary Side Effects Hitchhiking: Access to the site is free of charge, and requires no access code.

Coursepack and Texts

Thus, in this course, we will use literature resources drawn from several different sources. When heterozygotes suffer Positive frequency-dependent selection The Evolution of a Population’s Mean Fitness The fundamental theorem of natural selection and the adaptive landscape Deleterious Mutations A mutation-selection balance The mutation load Summary 6.


Interactive modules that allow students to explore many of the dynamic processes of evolution, and answer questions based on the results they observe. It ends with a brief overview of two major frameworks of statistical analysis: Ebook This title is available as an ebook. These quizzes are assignable by the instructor. Instructor registration is required for student access to the quizzes.


New to this Edition: Judd and Graham A. In general, there is simply too much information of d.j.2005.evo,ution from too many perspectives. These quizzes can be assigned or released for student self-study, at the instructor’s discretion. Predictability and contingency in evolution The question of progress Summary It can be ordered now and is due to ship on 22 October The Improbable Primate Clive Finlayson. Concise overviews of the important topics covered in each chapter.

Instructors can also add their own questions to the quizzing system, to create custom quizzes.

Douglas J. Futuyma

Flora of Middle-Earth Walter S. Futuyma is the author of three previous editions of Evolutionas well as three editions of its predecessor, Evolutionary Biology. Our closest living relatives How humans differ from other apes Our ancestry: For each chapter, all of the chapter’s figures and tables are provided in a ready-to-use PowerPoint presentation, making it easy to quickly insert figures into your own lecture presentations. The IRL includes the following resources: This is the second edition of a book that remains one of my all-time favorites.

In addition, we will use two “textbook”, one for class and one for our workshops. An avid naturalist, his major research interests include evolution of interactions among insects and plants, speciation, and evolution of community structure.


Previous publication dates FutuymxAprilJanuary d.j.20055.evolution The site includes the following resources: Directed toward an undergraduate audience, the text emphasizes the dj.2005.evolution between theory and empirical tests of hypotheses, thus acquainting students with the process of science.

An introduction Variations on the Phylogenetic Theme Branches of a phylogenetic tree sometimes rejoin Not only organisms have Phylogenetic Insights into Evolutionary History Inferring the history of character evolution Estimating time of divergence Patterns of evolution Box 2B. Out of Eden David P. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Genomic perspectives on evolution are strengthened throughout The content has a stronger focus on human evolution: Results can be viewed online or downloaded for use in gradebook programs.

Advantages to sex in changing environments Selective interference favors sex and recombination Selfing and Outcrossing Summary To purchase, visit your preferred ebook provider.

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A How-To Manual3rd Ed. Evidence for Evolution Summary 3. All the figures including photographs and tables from the textbook are provided as JPEGs both high- and low-resolutionreformatted and relabeled for optimal readability when projected.

Permissive conditions d.j.2005.veolution natural selection Complex characteristics Homology futjyma the emergence of novel characters From Microevolution to Macroevolution Rates of evolution Gradualism and punctuated equilibria Speciation and phenotypic evolution Trends, Predictability, and Progress Trends: Calculating Relatedness Box 12C.