Nagraj (“Snake-King”) (नागराज in Devanagari script) is a fictional superhero appearing in Raj Comics,. Created in the late s by Sanjay Gupta, Firt story. A year after Sairat, Nagraj Manjule returns to cinema as an actor in a Marathi film. The writer-filmmaker on how not to play a villain and why. Likes, 86 Comments – Lasya Nagraj (@lasyanagraj) on Instagram: “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that’s all.

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Since Nagraj had lost a very major part of this power courtsey See Through, he doesn’t try stupid stunts and makes minimum use of this power cause if he tries shapeshifting into something beyond his power limit then he might not be able to reform a new body and left bodiless like See Through or maybe even die.

It would be too optimistic of me to believe that.

Nagraj Manjule’s Most Funny Speech At Sairat Success Party | Rinku, Akash | Marathi Movie 2016

You nagran how it is in Hindi films, where everything is in black and white and the villain is pure evil. He is a true movie lover and remembers all dialogues of his favourite movies cun it Bollywood or Hollywood. When you make a film, you are making a personal statement. Any person who behaves badly is not completely bad. Retrieved from ” https: The king sought forgiveness from the Devta and pleaded with him to cure his wife, to which the Devta refused.

In his debut issue, Nagraj was unleashed as an international terror weapon by the evil scientist Professor Nagmani. Eye Nagraj Manjule. However, since then there has been no news about the series.

Initially, the raj vaid was unsure whether he would be able to cure the child, but since Dev Kaljayi himself asked the king for his treatment, he was assured that the treatment will work. In reality, Nagraj was hagraj more poisonous than any species of snakes because his venom was celestial.


These days Raj Comics have published three parallel series of Nagraj, where each Nagraj is involved in a different universe. Nagraj then became Baba Goraknath’s disciple and vowed to eliminate crime and terror from the Earth. Nagraj was also set to feature in a proposed animated television series. Nagmani always claimed that Nagraj’s powers were tun by feeding him bits of snake poison until his blood itself became poison.

Most of the snakes don’t know all the uses of this power and used it only for shape-shifting purposes but this power can do anything, even creating living beings. The production of more episodes was placed on indefinite hiatus.

For unknown reasons, the priest narrated a fake story that the child belonged to a woman, who was a devotee of the Snake God. The reason cited was the poor quality of the special effects. Every individual retains his or her own identity and set of powers.

Since then, Nagraj has thrice toured the world and defeated many villains and terrorists. He is the nagaj in his own story and Rama is the villain. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. While some of them live in his body just cause they have no better place to live, others live willingly to learn something from Nagraj’s way of life.

If that were true, then anyone who reads the newspaper will be able to write.

Nagraj | Just a fun sketch as fan art. Pencilled digitally &… | Flickr

However, due to the ill effects of the poison. It is least used but most effective power of Nagraj, celestial as its origin is this power’s true extent was unknown to everyone for quite a long time.

At that time, Nagpasha could not tolerate the changes in his body and fainted. The debut issue of Nagraj was written by Parshuram Sharma and illustrated by Sanjay ashtputre After that Pratap Mullick illustrated the character for around 50 issues, ending in They may or may not be of the same species but all snakes possessing the power of shape-shifting come under this category. It is believed that he is still hanging somewhere between heaven and earth alive cause Vishwamitra gave him half of his powers.


This form of Nagraj is called Maanas Nagraj. This page was last edited on 26 Novemberat Will more stories emerge from these experiences? Nagmani realised that the priest was lying, but he took the child. The kingdom was highly grieved, as was the king. He laid there for a long time. The child, floating away on the river in his state of suspended animationgot stuck somewhere in bushes. Nagraj is believed to have been inspired by the mythological Ichchhadhari Nag shape shifting snakes and historical Vishmanushya venomous human.

For entering Nagraj’s body he has to remove his mani from his possession so he hides it in micro form at some place in Nagraj’s dress.

Khalnayak Nagraj, Samraat, and Saudangi. The child had extraordinary healing powers and was extremely venomous.

The reason for the extension of the mini-series was to tell various sub-plots and the series was finally declared to be an eight-part series. Nagraj was presented to the world as a creation of Professor Nagmani. Vish-funkar Nagraj uses his breath to force out his venom in vapour form, depending upon its concentration the vish-funkar can cause a variety of damages to his enemies.

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