This manual is downloaded from the FoxTango site, Yaesu. FRG HF Receiver. Survival Guide. Revision 2 march. If you want to work on your FRG, it is a must to have the manuals and schematics. See: The manuals are very informative and deal. The purpose of this manual is to provide the reader with information critical to the nance of the FRG general coverage communications receiver.

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Free Service Manuals

The Xtal oscillator was working and at the good frequency. The stability of the VFO is just the same as before, and also the calibration of the analog scale is not affected. I checked and adjusted the two PLL circuits, because they were way off the right tuning voltage.

With the help of this guide your Frog can survive the next 20 years and more. The display stays on when the mode switch is in one of the clock modes and then displays the time even when the power switch is off. There is a source for trouble here: This guide is in the true boat anchor tradition, a collection of known faults and their solution, and a story of resurrection of a receiver at my workbench.

I have seen all kinds of junky stuff on e-bay, that was tampered with and sold for high prices, to the chagrin of the new owner. Copies of the User Manual and the Service Manual can be obtained from the Fox-Tango website, by far the best website for all classic Yaesu equipment. After a squirt of contact spray and working the switch a couple of times, everything worked nice again. Rub it dry with an old cloth.

For AM however, the displayed frequency is correct, if the received station is tuned in the center of the filter.

See pictures from this mod. Be carefully with the coil cores of the PLL, they have been stabilized by a lot of wax, which can give some trouble.

Another very good source for free manuals is http: Check the soldering joints from the bridge, in the board, they can have some cratering, soldering them trough with a soldering iron, is then the solution. This modification is very elegant, because there is no drilling or extra knobs necessary, simply undone if necessary, easy to use and has no side effects in stability of the receiver. I tested with different car repair sticks, but was not able to find the right shade paint.


Your best bet is to obtain a spare set with a defect display or otherwise, and use the good IC. If you want to work on your FRG, it is a must to have the manuals and schematics. See for yourself at www. Mode switching is done at pins 7, 8 and 9, so I checked the in and outputs of the IC and found that pin 8 was no mamual zero. Well, as things go, drg-7700 rx had also a display problem, the previous owner told me that he had used the receiving and PLL board himself for a swap, because the power supply of his had blown up, so I expected that I had just got a bunch crg-7700 spare parts for my other receivers.

If they fail once there can be a reason they fail again in the future, and putting in a socket is cheap and makes life easier when the need arise. The administrator has the right to edit, move or remove any comment for any reason and without notice. It is not easy to find replacements for them, keep an eye open for special parts at ham fests, or have a good junk box with old radio parts.

Yaesu FRG-7700 Instruction Manual

The set and memory module is very stable, but some changes improve the receiver considerably: This explains the difference in frequency as you are listening to a ham net on a given frequency. Most of the time the problem is a loss of the frequency coverage, usually at the end of the tuning scale. Service and User Manual. A mode switch changes the display for frequency, clock, on-time, off-time and sleep function.

So it is not recommended. If you have the memory option, it is best to use the backup battery adapter. After 46 working years I am retired now, so time is no issue.

I checked the resistance of the movement and even that was almost the same. The only drawback is that you are limited to 2 manuals a day.


After changing the diode the frequency display was working correctly, and the problem with the clock was solved also. I repair them with a toothpick and white Hammerite paint. Remove the power cord first!! The displayed frequency is the PLL frequency 0.


The cores are not interchangeable, so do one at a time. I wanted to use the original features, and designed a board, centered around a trustful LM regulator IC and a NPN power transistor.

Set the band switch at the 5 Mhz band and adjust T for a reading of 7. PLL Reference oscillator Adjustment: Under no circumstances use metal screwdrivers for alignment of the coil cores, they will ruin the cores. By frg-77000 a comment, you are declaring that you agree with these rules:.

Service and User Manual – Yaesu FRG – Receiver — Download free service manuals

The source for trouble is the rectifier, who becomes very hot, so hot in fact that in one case the wires to the transformer caught fire, and the condenser exploded. After connection of the power supply, msnual receiver seemed frg-770 work: Terms and Conditions These terms and conditions contain rules about posting comments. Dial lamps are long lasting, but they have to be changed now and then. If I got a spare, changing the IC was done in no time. One of the things I missed on this receivers is a small RIT control or fine tuning, a very handy device when I am listening in on a net or rag chewing Hams.

I have no problem with that, if the receiver is electrically sound. For the trimmers use a small screwdriver or a ceramic one, the procedure to align the PLL is described in the Yaesu Operator and also in the Service Manual, There are some changes to make in the manual: After rebuilding, I will try some modifications, to improve selectivity and test some ideas of my own, like a clarifier, improve sensitivity for the AM bands and others.

This is very impossible to repair, so I clean the plates rigorously and after that use a good automobile wax to make the best of them.