Freeciv is a turn-based strategy game, with some real-time elements, in which each player is the leader of a civilization, fighting to obtain the ultimate goals of a . Freeciv is an open-source, free-to-play, single-player or multi-player, computer game developed independently (since ) but admittedly inspired by. Has anybody found a walkthrough/tutorial for freeciv that really holds your hand like you’ve never played it at all before? This is the obvious.

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Also rehome units in other cities to get free upkeep of units. You can then use the gold to buy freeckv and negotiate. Attack only if you are sure you have enough army, 20 units is nothing unusual.

In general, the more players you have, the longer a timeout you will need. Always build military units in city with barracks. Aside from 1 military unit, try to keep this box empty, since those units aren’t doing anything.

Below the generator option there tutorizl the feeciv option. When you play against AI just pressure it. Retrieved from ” http: If you choose going democracy, then switch to it, get sewers sanitation techthen rapture as much you can, get univercities and research whatever you want, it should be quick.

As for the rest, higher “mountains” means a more mountainous map, higher “deserts” means more deserts, etc. When you move your settler around you’ll see a 5×5 red rounded square — this is your city radius should you choose to build here.

Freeciv — StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki

Building your city Edit Once you have moved a settler to where you want to build, press Band click “OK”. The number next to it is how many turns it takes to get there. If you don’t want tutoria move units for extended periods of time, select them and press S. But before you start playing, you’ll want to make it easier for yourself to get to know the game. Once you have moved a settler to where you want to build, press Band click “OK”.


The default startpos for the fractal hight generator is 3, which means that the generator will try to place all the players on the same continent.

Starting out with lots ffreeciv money makes the game much easier, and makes it more difficult for you to learn how to cope with the default freeckv. Freeciv is extremely similar to Civ II, so it should be useful; only the interfaces differ a bit.

The more luxury, the more people in your city are content or if all are content, the more are happy. Okay, so the game’s freeiv. If there are just two of you playing, you can usually get away with using timeout 0.

Then you can make caravans to establish trade routes between such big cities. If you’re looking for how to install Freeciv, look in Install. Don’t spend too many turns wandering around turns via the freecv done” button on the sidebar.

Strategy depends on map playing on. Now that you have Freeciv running, you’ll want to play your first few games. They can’t attack enemies. Later in the game, however, as things get more complex, you may want to extend the timeout to seconds. If there are more than two, or if one of the two is going to be away from his terminal at random intervals and you don’t want to halt play, a tutoiral of 60 seconds is usually sufficient.

You can do it easily on islands. Rapture master cities to size 8. Note that all tiles farther away than the first tile will take two turns of moving to get there. Note that all basic units except the explorer can only go 1 tile per turn. So click on the “game options” button, and use these settings in the various tabs: If you play Freeciv a few times without changing this setting, you are sure to hear of or experience the horrors of a tiny island.


If it’s a military unit, “info” refers to the unit’s stats more on this later. If you have never played the Civilization games, it’s easiest to start by reading the Freeciv Manual, available at Manual.

Use tiles tutoriall player option. You can also learn by playing with others or against the AI.

How to Play

In multiplayer games you must do blitz attacks, or risk that your 20 knight army will be anihilated by single catapult. The “target worklist” shows, in order, what your city is going to build. That depends upon the number of players. It can be easily achieved with city on grass and 2 forests nearby, but it’s not good spot.

This tutorial still badly needs to be worked on before being complete If you are beginner skip caravans. Just use defence bonuses, be close to your enemy, see what’s he is doing. So click on the “game options” button, and use these settings in the various tabs:. When you click on a city, it will bring up the city window and display the city Overview tab. Explorers are the best unit for roaming around. The “production” progressbar shows how far something is to completion.

Money, whether 25 gold, 50 gold, or gold Allied units, whether horsemen or carriage Advancements techgenerally low level A new city with 1 or 2 citizens OR your unit could get killed by “barbarians” in which case bad luck, but DON’T let it discourage you So, first thing to do is to go around looking for the best place to settle.

This lists the summary and functionalities of the city:.