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And yet, it is a fixed idea that you have to burn inof fuel to get power. In the position shown on the left, the magnetic lines of force flow downwards through the pickup coils.

Free energy

Faraday determined the amount of electric current needed to break the water apart, and oc findings are accepted as a scientific standard for the process. The system works like this: The old saying do here: Conventional science says that permanent magnets can’t be used as a source of power.

So if you have readed his “Resonance Energy Systems” you know what i think. The one shown below is a fairly typical unit.

Jim’s version not only powered itself, but generated 12 kilowatts of excess electrical power. It enregy be another three years before Orville and Wilbur Wright made their first ‘heavier-than-air’ flight, so there no aircraft around in Unfortunately, doing this creates magnetic drag and that drag increases with the amount of electrical current being drawn from the coils.

The electromagnets are then powered just enough to overcome the backwards drag of the magnets when they have just passed by the cores of the electromagnets. Originally Posted by ctbenergy most of don smith stuff in version Now there is a design I would try to replicate unlike what Donald Smith is offering.

These are just rough calculations and hand drawn wave forms. Originally Posted by boguslaw Do you have both? If you can do that, then you tap into an unlimited stream of inexhaustible pjkboko, with no need to provide any input energy to keep the flow of energy going.

The only serious forms of information were books and periodicals or teaching establishments which relied on the knowledge of the teachers.

Patrick Kelly – A Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices – AFER Labs

In the UK, household mains appliances have a Amp fuse, limiting them to 3 kilowatts of power before the fuse burns out. Hi all from me too. Yk again, conventional science says that this is impossible, which in turn, demonstrates that conventional ennergy is out of date and needs to be expanded to include these observed facts. That was a commonly believed view. This has two effects.


It was Mr Wang’s intention to give his motor design to every country in the world and invite them to make it for themselves.

Here, the same motor and rotating magnetic shield arrangement is used, but the magnetic lines of force are blocked from flowing through a central I-piece. The sceptics were completely convinced by the demonstration which is most unusual for onfo as sceptics often refuse to accept anything which contradicts their ftee beliefs. Personally, I think that while that is certainly true, much of this opposition may be just the normal reaction of vested commercial interests. He found that if he used an AC motor plugged into the mains to drive a flywheel which in turn drove an ordinary generator, that it was possible to get a greater power output from the generator than the amount needed to drive the motor.

This is an illusion. Find all posts by hotrod68r. The fastest way to travel is on a galloping horse. It should be stressed that this information is what he has dis co vered as part of his interest in the subject and is mainly a reporting on what is enegry said by other people.

Less than one hundredth of a second. While it can be proved that some device works as described, through independent replication and verification, the reverse is not true. Nowadays there are measuring instruments of all I-9 kinds for sale ready-made.

– Free Energy

Although not shown in the diagram above, there are normally additional pick-up coils mounted round the rotor and if they are connected briefly at the right moment, they generate extra current and when they are switched off, their resulting reversed magnetic field also boosts the rotor on pjkbolk way, and that can raise the Coefficient Of Performance over Michael Faraday did a really excellent job of investigating how much energy was required to change water from it’s liquid state into a mixture of hydrogen gas and oxygen gas.


There are many other portable air conditioning units including much larger versions. Discouraging mosquitoes and small flies. We tend to have the impression that people who lived a long time ago were not as clever as we are – after all, we have television, computers, mobile phones, games consoles, aeroplanes, ….

Constructing High Quality Coils. There is about 15v AC Hz, output on the secondary of the transformer and it pulls pjkboook from the 12v battery. Mead and Holmes Power System.

However, while in chapter 14 there are instructions for building your own wind-powered electrical generator from scratch, pumping water uphill without using a fuel and utilising wave power at low cost, these things are subject to the weather.

We have been the suckers in this con trick for decades now, and it is time for us to snap out of it. After a long period of searching and investigating I was beginning to gather enough information to be fairly confident of what was being done, what had already been achieved, and some of the possible background reasons for the effects which were being observed. However, an explanation is called for.

Freee, and that’s good enough. The maximum current draw depends on the thickness of the wire as the thicker the wire, the greater the current which it can carry without overheating. They found that if his tube was subjected to a few seconds of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, then it became radioactive for about one hour. The energy which powers the solar panel comes from the sun. If Stan was mistaken, and he died of ‘natural causes’, then it was remarkably convenient timing for the oil companies and the government, and his retro-fit kits were never manufactured.