Freakin’ Fabulous by Clinton Kelly – Clinton Kelly won’t just revamp your wardrobe—he’ll revamp your life!The huddled masses yearn to be fabulous, and finally. How to dress, speak, behave, eat, drink, entertain, decorate, and generally be freakin’ fabulous, according to Clinton Kelly.

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Oh, clintoon I wish I could get certain people to read this and take the table manners to heart. Over all the book is mildly funny and his tone is a goofy arrogant, I think it’s supposed to be tongue-in-cheek. For example, I probably won’t ever hire a bartender for my cocktail parties.

First and foremost, xlinton, the book is supposed to be a bit of light, fabulous fun. His personality is what made this book so enjoyable. The downsize of the book, was that I did not expect a lesson on proper use of grammar in a book like this, and personally didn’t think it was clintn, and for the people that need a lesson on grammar, I don’t expect them to read it here. Once again, I felt like Clinton was a kindred spirit with his recognition and insistence on good table manners.

I like the attitude Clinton projects. I’ll pull out a recipe book Betty Crocker! Just pretend it never happened! Sep 07, J rated it really liked it Shelves: No trivia or quizzes yet. The eating and entertaining sec Clinton Kelly is so funny!


I’ve learned nothing from the book so far. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Feb 16, Mary Lou rated it liked it Shelves: I wish I would have bought this book instead of Stacy’s new one.

How do you eat an oyster without getting kicked out of the best restaurant in town?

I also cointon a big bottle of water I know, dumb! This book wasn’t highly applicable to me, but it was highly entertaining, and it took me all of, um, 2 hours to read basically the entire thing I did skim the section on wine pairings, but I think that’s excusable considering my entire circle of friends and aquaintances is dry.

Freakin’ Fabulous | Clinton Kelly | Readers Lane

The book is divided into seven sections, which cover the basics of being a classy grownup: Love What Not to Wear. It could say a bit more about men’s shoes and a bit less about hors d’oeuvres.

This could be my next project after updating my wardrobe! But fabulousness doesn’t stop with style.

Freakin’ Fabulous on a Budget

I think he had someone help him with it, though, because he broke one of his own rules at least once that I saw. Freakin’ Fabulous is a book that lives up to its name; it gives readers a crash course to help make the best possible first impressions when entertaining and socializing. This was all stuff that Sr. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I glanced over the “how to speak” section, since some of the things he mentions are my pet peeves too. He gets his point across quickly and moves on, I suppose.


This well written book would be worth the purchase price for the party recipes alone- add in all the rest and you have the perfect gift for alm I’ve always enjoyed Clinton Kelly on What Not to Wear, but his wit and edgy humor really shine through in this book that basically teaches you how to be better than everyone else!

What’s the grammatically correct form of “lay” to use when propositioning a Baldwin brother? I would LOVE to receive that as a hostess! I finished frea,in book last night in my closet at kdlly I also know who I am going to give this to as a birthday or Christmas present this year!

I was surprised both at how useful and how entertainng this book was. I was thinking what would Clinton say to fellow Long Islander, Billy Joel after he sang the following quote from his song: May 13, Kdlly rated it it was amazing.