Pressure Transmitters with HART® Communication Protocol. The Foxboro® brand I/A Series® Models IAP10, IGP10, IAP20, and IGP20 are Intelligent, two- wire. The I/A Series® Model IGP20 is an intelligent, two-wire gauge pressure . Download Manual Foxboro IGP20 Gauge Pressure Transmitter MI IOM. IGP10 for compact light weight and direct-to-process mounting (bracket optionally available). • IGP20, bracket mounted, for lower ranges, more material options.

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High accuracy to 0. Key Benefits Simple, elegant sensor packaging uses very few parts to achieve exceptionally high reliability Liquid Crystal Display LCD digital indicator with on-board pushbutton configuration and calibration.

This is a two-line digital indicator with on-board pushbuttons that displays the measurement with a choice of units. Point-to-point or multidrop topologies are permitted.

Also, because all configuration and calibration data is stored in the sensor, you can replace a HART module with another HART module without transmitter reconfiguration or recalibration. If you require further information on this product or would foxboor a quotation, please ig2p0 dp-flow on: Measurement is transmitter temperature, at the sensor and the electronic module, not necessarily process temperature.

Can be positioned to lock out all foxbkro from making transmitter database changes. The solution permits interface of device diagnostics with asset management systems without compromising functional safety.

Foxboro IGP20 Gauge Pressure Transmitter | Cascade Automation

We are an igp200 facility that has the capability to repair, modify, calibrate and install control valves, instrumentation, and igp220 tubing application. Complete transmitter diagnostics are also communicated. Both direct-connected and bracket-mounted transmitters utilize microprocessor-based correction to achieve both excellent accuracy and ambient temperature compensation.


Can be provided with numerous configurations of direct connect or remote mount seals. Description Reviews 0 Description The Foxboro IGP20 is an intelligent 2-wire transmitter that provides precise and reliable measurement of gauge pressure, and level. Numerous mounting bracket set options. Multidropping is the connection of several transmitters to a single communications line. Multiple measurements are transmitted digitally, including not only the primary measurement in pressure units, but also the electronics temperature and sensor temperature which can be used to monitor external heat tracing equipment.

Readable from the Communicator or PC-based Configurator. It is a local area network LAN with built-in capability to distribute control across the network. The pushbuttons allow zero and span adjustments, as well as local configuration without the need for a Communicator or PC-based Configurator.

For multidrop applications, the mAsignal is fixed at 4 mA to provide power to the device. Refer to IGP20 Transmitter for gauge pressure vacuum service. A lower range limit of kPa The transmitters are designed to meet Agency flameproof and zone requirements. High corrosion resistance of CoNi-Cr TI means long service life in many difficult applications without the extra cost for exotic materials. Modern industrial processes tend to be technically complex and have the voxboro to inflict serious harm to persons or property during a mishap.

Also, the IGP10 is offered for high gauge pressure applications to 52,or MPa15, or 30, psi.

Versions available to meet Agency flameproof and zone requirements. We also fabricate control panels, provide shutdown assistance, and have the ability to customize control loops to customer specification. If you require further information on this product or would like a quotation, please contact dp-flow on:.


Field Wiring Reversal No transmitter damage. Reviews There are no reviews yet.

Choice of Mounting Styles: The combination of small size, light weight, direct mounting, standard materials,and wide measurement capability with high performance make this an exceptionally cost effective solution for process pressure igp220.

Because of their light weight and external threaded connection, these transmitters can be installed directly on process piping without mounting brackets.

Foxboro IGP20 Gauge Pressure Transmitter

A low power, low voltage transmitter that draws no more than 3 mA, and transmits a 1 to 5 V dc output signal. Have questions or need a configuration you don’t see? Many other options and accessories offered. Three absolute pressure versions are offered to allow spans from 7 to 21, kPa 1 to 3, psiand four gauge pressure versions are offered to allow spans from 7 to 42, kPa 1 to 6, psi.

This makes transmitter suitable for Safety Shutdown System Applications that require this feature.

Home Contact Us Submit Enquiry. HART protocol allows multidrop topology.

SIL2-Certified transmitter offered as an option. Field-proven silicon strain gauge technology and corrosion-resistant epoxy finish Superior Performance: Measurements and diagnostics are available from the HART Communicator connected to the two-wire loop carrying the 4 to 20 mA foxboto signal by using a bidirectional digital signal superimposed on the 4 to 20 mA current signal.

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