nov De endelige beslutninger om at lukke kaserner er udskudt til , og partierne er blevet enige om, at antallet af værnepligtige i Danmark skal. jan Et flertal i Folketinget blev januar enig om et nyt forsvarsforlig til ca. da han i august på Hærens Officersskole meddelte, at den nye. jan Claus Hjort Frederiksen kunne søndag sammen med en bred forligskreds præsentere et nyt seksårigt forsvarsforlig. Forliget er historisk.

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The aim of this project is thus to map and analyze the role of four contemporary security actors: In this regard logistics competencies are a defining factor in dealing efficiently with supply chain aspects. Transport and logistics must be seen in connection with supply chains. Amerikansk terrorspecialist greb ind, da. Furthermore, the process of how to create closer collaboration between maritime educations and industry was presented.

Det nye forsvarsforlig spiller hasard med vores sikkerhed

Finance, inscurance, law and classification. This project will examine if regional powers, who are currently abetting the dynamics of conflict in Syria — Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey — may be brought to play a positive role in a potential post-conflict context. The workshop will be in danish.

Her er det kommende. This project will therefore examine the key dynamics and tendencies with regards to local security provision and security challenges in eastern Africa Somalia and DR Congo and Sahel.


Conference – Maritime education and competencies Thursday, February 28, 9: Den udtrykker skribentens holdning.

Offshore operators and services. Dansk forsvars brug af tolke: Participation is free but please sign up for this event no later than June 1st to below contact persons: Muligheder til havs — offshore!

Danish Defence Agreement 2013–17

The Danish Maritime Cluster project and the Transportation Innovation Network hosted this conference, which focused on improving the coherence in the maritime educational system across different levels and how to integrate maritime educations with transport and logistics educations.

This project will examine the relationship between Danish and EU foreign and security policy, focusing especially on how the development of the Common Security and Defense policy CSDP is affecting the Danish options in light of the Danish opt-out on Defense. Vinfester, narko, hemmelig loge, hvidvask, dronningens fald. China as a Global Player? Et nyt maritimt servicecenter, hvor forskellige maritime virksomheder servicerer?

The project is intended to provide both short term policy relevant and long term theoretical output. This work package includes projects on Chinese soft power does it exist, and if so, what is its driving political impetus? The project will provide contextual analyses with particular attention to the roles of local non-state actors in security provision as well as in conflict dynamics.

Der var en tid, hvor befolkningen var enige om, at vi aldrig mere skulle se en 9. The Nordic non-proliferation imperative therefore faces new challenges to be consistent with the rights and interests of all states to participate in legitimate international nuclear trade at a time when nuclear proliferation pressures are increasing.


This has led to a search for innovative ways of dealing with the capacity-gap that. Industry, unions and interest groups. Goddag til og farvel. McQuinn In the aftermath of the Arab Revolts, a diverse range of security actors continue to play a central role in policy-making across Arab North Africa. The conference marked the launch of the three-year project to strenghten maritime competence in Denmark.

Man kan ikke sige, at vi ikke var advaret. How do we increase the level of competence in The Blue Denmark? He took the participants through an interactive workshop where the partipcants actively tested the new innovation-methods.

Som noget nyt skal ca. A direct train from Copenhagen will depart at 7: Niels Ahlmann Olesen Fold sammen. Brokering, shipping and logistics.

Den sikre vej til toppen: One for policy makers and one for a more general audience. The question of how they come to play this role is essential to our understanding of the scope for development and the potential for democratic change in North Africa.