The battle of Fornovo (6 July ) was an unsuccessful attempt by an Italian army to stop Charles VIII of France during his retreat from Naples. Battle of Fornovo Charles VIII, attempting to seize control of southern Italy for use as a platform for war against the Ottoman Turks, lead the most. Nicolle, David. Fornovo France’s Bloody Fighting Retreat. Oxford: Osprey, Santosuosso, Antonio. “Anatomy of Defeat: The Battle of Fornovo in

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This setback caused a great deal of confusion in the League army, and stopped Gonzago’s attack. A few of the Greeks fought, and among them Pietro Busichio and Niccolo of Nin 1459 wounded; the rest plundered the baggage train.

Fornovo 1495

There is indeed nothing lasting under fornoco heavens, and we must yield sometimes to fortune. Charles VIII, attempting to seize control of southern Italy for use as a platform for war against the Ottoman Turks, lead the most powerful army in Europe at that time down through Italy, defeating one Italian province after another.

In the aftermath of the battle Charles knighted notable performers, including Pierre Terrail, seigneur de Bayardwho went on to become one of the most famous French commanders of the period. In that battle countless baggage piles of the French, abounding in all riches, were lost; in them was found a great weight of silver and gold.

And so that evening when the Venetian proveditors had returned to camp and watches had been posted by the commander, they reported to the Senate concerning the outcome of the battle, and the letter, carried with incredible swiftness in regular relays by bearers stationed at equal intervals from one another, was given to the very wise Doge Agostino Barbarigo, and amid the greatest expectation on the part of the whole city, for all the citizens had flocked forth, it was read to the people in a very crowded Senate.

Of the nobles twelve perished, among them Varde Ariste, leader of the archers, Doyson and a seigneur from Chambly, both of high birth, one from Torcy 14495 another from Candes who was very wealthy, and barons from Beon, Limerle, and Checy. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Alexander also wrote to the Venetians to congratulate them on winning “immortal fame” by their liberation of Italy. For by means of a compact line, because of the difficult terrain, they could not have harassed the Latins, and in like manner scattered over the defiles and the swamps, and 149 by hunger as they were, they could by no means have crushed five whole Venetian lines, nor did the narrow quarters permit the lines to be spread out more widely.

And foenovo announced that the outcome of the present battle, in view of such a confused state of things, was not yet sufficiently clear to them, but that they would report everything in detail by a letter to follow. The speed and violence of the campaign left the Italians stunned. Some pointed out that the number of the enemy being led through the valleys of the Apennines tornovo about twenty thousand, others put it at only fifteen thousand, on the ground that a useless group of people-servants, camp-followers, a throng of women-and a great mass of baggage swelled the numbers of the ffornovo.


Italy was to be the scene of a dispute between the main continental powers, with the result that the Italians were left with only a secondary role in their own destiny. The dead and even the wounded were looted by the fornlvo League infantry and fodnovo the local peasantry.

Many of the French, when they had lost their arms, offered fotnovo supplication rings, money, and necklaces and then returned to their own men. The rest of his army fornovi left in Naples in an unsuccessful attempt to hold onto his conquest.

He had great credence and authority with the King, since he had left his son as hostage, and he wanted the Frenchman to acquire the rule and become arbiter over all Italy. The League plan correctly identified the French center and Charles as the most promising target and allotted 10, men in the battlegroups of Gonzaga, Garlino, Fortebraccio and Montefeltro to defeat the 3, men of the French center and rearguard.

But the Venetians have changed everything for us. Mark, guardian of our city. Of the Latins fornoovo addition to those I have mentioned above Vincenzo Corso perished of honorable wounds; likewise Roberto Strozzi and Alessandro Beroaldo were found together in the midst of enemy corpses.

There rornovo about of these; some Frenchmen were mingled among them, begrimed with mud and blood and looking like slaves, and these without distinction were brought into fodnovo Venetian camp and attended by the surgeons at public expense. The French rested for the rest of the day, then marched north during the night, reaching the relative safety of Asti on 15 July joining up with other French troops.

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I see that the Venetians carry nothing but arms. During this confusion Rodolfo Gonzaga, who had fought a fornov battle in the midst of the enemy lines, opened his helmet, was seriously wounded on the face, and straightway fell.

Then the enemy by bringing together foenovo wings trapped the disordered soldiers; they fought wounding one another, and the few were overcome by the many and killed. The Battle of Fornovo in Almost all of these had a piercing wound in the throat or on the face, but a few had been lacerated fornovvo artillery.

He died two-and-a-half years after his retreat, of an accident—striking his head while passing through a doorway, he succumbed to a sudden coma several hours later. Another soldier stood uninjured on his feet after his horse had been killed under him. In the confusion of those who were fighting Count Niccold of Pitighano, who was in the van of the enemy ranks, found an opportunity and voluntarily surrendered himself to the Venetians.


An evil boy he seemed to me on fornoov day, but if the fight had taken place in the open he would have been far worse. What had been a battle slowly evolving towards the Venetian advantage now turned into a bloody exchange. Gonzaga had about 20, troops And so as the Venetians approached the French were the first to hurl their artillery at the lines of the enemy, producing more fear and disorder in the ranks especially among the new recruits than they did destruction. Tactical French victory; [1].

This success in a small sally indicated the outcome of the whole affair. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. So pillaging was vast and chaotic. Nor on that night did he fail to write and inform her of events. With pickaxes they cut up silver vessels of wondrous craftsmanship. Among the victors themselves during the course of the battle he was an enemy who had seized the more valuable plunder.

The second, the largest, was led by Charles himself.

The French had lost their treasure, all the plunder of Italy, and they moved on to Asti with a haste that appeared very close to flight. Some still breathed after hands and feet had been amputated, intestines collapsed, brains laid bare, so unyielding of life is nature.

Battle of Fornovo

In addition to those I have mentioned the following were captured: The Venetian proveditors, riding toward the camp, forced back the fleeing soldiers whom excessive fear had made cowards even though no enemy was pursuing for terror had taken possession of most of them and reproached them severely for their vain anxiety; they pointed out that they themselves were unarmed and urged them to stop their flight and stay with them.

Italian War of — The King himself was riding up to the lines with two cardinals close behind, and with as much eloquence as was possible among those who are untaught for French princes neglect letters he was urging on all his commanders and horsemen and foot soldiers to the battle.

Date 6 July By 1 May this army was threatening the garrisons that Charles had left in a trail down Italy to guard his communications with France.

The gist of it was that the army in close array had fought with the enemy; very many had perished on both fornogo and the army was at length saved. Aside from sowing tensions among the League commanders, the League army may have been in a better state compared to the French after the battle, suffering proportionately fewer casualties and possessing more fresh soldiers.