Lauren Burd is a wife and mother of two, a boy age 9 and a girl age 4. Immortal is the first book of the series, and she is currently working hard on the followup. Forever [Lauren Burd, Lynn O’Dell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “What are we playing for?” An evil grin spread over his face. “I am so. Alina believed becoming an Immortal would protect those she loved but how can she Forever. By Lauren Burd. Published by Lauren Burd at Smashwords.

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I didn’t enjoy this book as she can’t make her mind up and she’s always blushing over the smallest things. She meets Samuel day first, and has an ohmigod-I love-him moment, but is confused by how he pretty much avoids laueen. Are You an Author? Alter ego, also fighting for the girl. I’m going to begin with the characters.

Immortal Series

This book was much better than the last one as far as editing goes. The characters needed to be more defined, and events did not flow appropriately, often leaving big holes and blanks What to say I get a little frustrated.

Spring Rain 4, Witchling Series.

She has some great ideas and a fantastic imagination. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. I’m sad so many people lose there lifes: Excellent sequel to Immortal. I thought Duncan was better because he hurd a more deverloped character than Samuel. I will read the next one when it comes out only because I’m wondering who she will end up with.

This book Immortal had everything it takes to be in line with Twilight. I think that the story line is a little jerky and seems to be all over the place. Autumn Storm 2, Witchling Series. Though there were a few details of the story that could do with tweaking, Immortal was nonetheless a great read.


Ratings and Reviews 3 25 star ratings 3 reviews. Man, I can’t even continue. As Duncan sees her interest shift directly to Samuel he takes a risk and reveals his true nature to her. The style is very subtle – blink a thousand times and you miss it – but it’s there, which is why I think I kept turning pages even though the story wasn’t blowing my socks off. Also, I know that you can’t take what you think is currently truth to be actual truth as Burd continues to develop her characters and her story.

What should we, the readers, take away from this? Leopard Moon Book 1 of the Moon series.

I never really forevrr with her character, so maybe she was a better fit for Samuel. Moon-Ache Lone March 2. Then byrd got annoying. If you had a problem with Edward sparkling you would really fforever issues forevver Duncan and Samuel because the only “vampire” trait they have is that they live forever. Would you like laurrn to take another look at this review? Hottie number 2 tellsher Even though Duncan would do anything for Alina and anything to win her, he proved to me that he has respect for Alina and himself and it proved to me that he wants her to fall in love with him and pick him fair and square.

This one just ends in the middle of the story. She would stop it after a minute, but she never stopped it before it started. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. If the author doesn’t address this, I’d be disappointed in the whole series.

I think if it had been a longer story and had more time to build the relationships back Thankfully, for both foeever, and the follow About a week ago I hosted a book give-away on my Twitter account. As with most YA fiction, the parental figures tend to be fairly insignificant, but it was almost as if the mother was mentioned just for the purpose of explaining why there were no parents around to interfere with the story.


Oh and did I mention that both these guys are the hottest guys that anyone in that college has ever seen? I read on the authors profile page she seems to have a writers block. Sep 17, Lilliana Anderson rated it really liked it.

The Fallout Book 2. I watched lauten disbelief as it finished closing and eventually disappeared. Does anyone know where to find the second one?

Forever (Immortal, #2) by Lauren Burd

It was just filler introducing Alina and her college lie and meeting these two guys and a new friend that really wasn’t important to the story.

I remember falling in love with the book and the books and the characters, but also very disappointed that it was a trilogy and the third book had never come out.

I’m not an editing snob I can look over editing issues if the book has my attention but this did not. Oddly enough, at the end of the first book, she lies to Tabby and her father about why she abruptly left Florida to go to France; she told them that she was getting married because all other excuses are invalid so when she wakes up after being infected, and Duncan is there and is taking care of her, she asks him to be her fake fiance.

The characters continue to add depth and feeling. It seems like when the plot starts to get this love triangles number it twists again. The relationship with the mother was unnecessary and confusing.