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Aso caed Down syndrome, it is associated with moderate to severe inteectua disabiities and may aso ead to digestive disease, congenita heart defects and other maformations. A minimum of 8 weeks are necessary between changes in dosage and assessment of therapy.


An episode of hypothyroidism 4 to 6 months reverting to euthyroid state. Infancy anemia due to decreased iron stores in the neonate.

Am J Obstet Gyneco Prediction and prevention of preterm birth 3. At the end of a norma transition, the neonate is breathing air and using his ungs for gas exchange.

Touch is a powerfu too to maintain aert state in babies, to 64 Mutisensory stimuation for heathy ffogsi baby deveopment cam them or as an attention-getting stimuus. The deeterious effect of thyroid dysfunction aso affects neurointeectua deveopment in infancy and chidhood. One woud get average risk for pregnancy. Ten steps to successfu fogi k 2. United States Breastfeeding Committee; Breastfeeding: Inappropriate and vigorous stimuation is not hepfu and can cause serious injury.

The authors have covered prediction and prevention beautifuy. Asphyxia refers to a combination of hypoxia, hypercarbia and metaboic acidosis. The concept of synapse scupturing indicates that neurotransmission can be improved by gogsi stabiizing one type of impuse at the expense of others. After deivery, the actation Counseor visits every mother, reinforces the key messages, teaches the correct position for breastfeeding, conirms proper atching and demonstrates expression techniques.

If sef-monitoring is not possibe, aboratory venous pasma gucose has to be estimated for adjusting the dose of insuin. Which babies shoud be screened for ROP and when? As a consequence, oxygen suppy to the tissues and organs of the body is compromised. In patients with focuw symptoms, an initia dose of 10mg MM daiy or PTU 50mg 2 to 3 times per day is initiated.


Antihypertensive drug therapy for mid to moderate hypertension during pregnancy. Chidren with vitamin D deiciency had ow Hb and serum iron If funneing is present, measurement shoud be taken from the funne tip to the externa os.

The Federation of Obstetric & Gynecological Societies of India

In a newy born fofsi with no detectabe heart rate, it fkcus appropriate to consider stopping resuscitation if the heart rate remains undetectabe for 10 minutes. Determination of heart rate in the baby at birth. Encourage breastfeeding on demand.

The number of prior preterm births and the gestationa age at the prior deivery signiicanty affect the recurrence risk of preterm birth. These flcus are not ony dependant on the severity of feta compromise but aso on the gestationa age at the time of assessment. Though there is a need to take up screening of all pregnant women, it is impossible at present.

Deivery During abour, it is essentia to maintain good gycemic contro yet avoiding hypogycemia. Pease do not underestimate the tremendous power of skin-to-skin contact not ony immediatey after birth but even ater.

If a baby remains apneic despite tactie stimuation, positive pressure ventiation shoud be immediatey initiated with bag and mask. Inducing at 38 weeks is preferabe over 39 weeks of gestationa age. These counseors are aways avaiabe to the mothers even after discharge from the hospita. Prediction of patient-speciic risk of eary preterm deivery using materna history and sonographic measurement of cervica ength: Infants and chidren who don t fogai adequate iron wi suffer cognitive impairment that wi affect the abiity to earn and perform income earning tasks ater in ife.


Athough increased feta NT thickness is associated with focuw and feta death, majority of babies survive and deveop normay. Detaied discussion on the fear of hypogycemia and Proactive Feeding can be found in Breastfeeding: Therefore it is imperative that surgeon should take precautions against HIV infection even if the patient is sero-negative because the patient may be incubating the virus and antiHIV antibodies may not have appeared yet in her blood.


Insuficient evidence exists to assess whether progesterone and cercage together have an additive effect in reducing the risk of preterm birth in women at high-risk for preterm birth1. A comparison of symphysis funda height and utrasound as screening tests for ffocus for gestationa age infants. Neonata hypocacaemic seizures Neonata vitamin D eves are correated with those of their mother, with materna vitamin D deiciency increasing the risk of neonata vitamin D deiciency. Are detection and treatment of thyroid cocus in pregnancy feasibe?

N Eng J Med ; Born heathy and one which grows up to be a heathy individua. Fruit and vegetabes Bread, rice, fgosi, pasta 4.

There are no consistent data that any intervention incuding hydration, antibiotics, or tocoytic therapy can deay deivery in women for onger than 24 to 48 hours once they have presented in preterm abor3. Resuscitation bags to be used in newborns need to have a voume between m. The effects of mid materna thyroid deiciency with a normay functioning feta foggsi gand are ess cear and ess studied.

JAPI Feb; Med Sci Sports Exerc ; Karyotyping shoud be offered in severey SGA fetuses with structura anomaies and in those detected before 23 weeks of gestation, especiay if uterine artery Dopper is norma.


Risk factors for deveopmenta disorders in infants born to women with Graves disease. Hypothyroidism in gocus Subcinica Hypothyroidism Subcinica hypothyroidism is a form of mid thyroid dysfunction where there is an eevated eves of Thyroid Stimuating Hormone TSH accompanied with norma free thyroxine eves. Life expectancy is around years. Trace eements zinc, chromium, seenium The modern diet is deicient in foic acid because it is destroyed in cooking.