FLEXARET AUTOMAT VI. The Flexaret twin lens reflex cameras are a product of the Czechoslovakian company. Meopta (manufacturers of enlarging equipment) . The Flexaret manual linked at the top of this review has a decent explanation of this system on page 18 of the PDF manual (its the one that. I just got a Flexaret VI and was wondering if anyone knew where I could get an english manual. I’ve seen one for the VII, are they similar?.

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Since the shutter is coupled to the film advance, there is no separate procedure to cock the shutter.

Growing up in the United States, we were taught a bit about European history in school. It made things totally clear for me. This is a little hard to manuap, but if you have a Flexaret VII in front of you, it should be pretty obvious how it works. It is very helpful. This model introduced lens bayonets and auto film indicator in back door Clexaret of production: Indoors however, the yellowing and dirt can get in the way.

In a nutshell, all you need to do is know the EV value of a scene, set the camera to that value, and then you are free to change aperture or shutter speed and the exposure will always be the same.

Meopta Flexaret VII (1968)

The VI model and its 35mm adapter. Good luck fldxaret your camera! TLRs are an interesting type of camera. It is very hard to get a grip on from outside of the camera, so to make it easier, if you open the film compartment, there is a little pin behind the lever that you can push out on that will allow you to grip it.

Albeit it works a somewhat nonpractical, surely it attracted the eyes of the visitors. It is a simple metal frame that merely slides into position.


Pdf Download | Meopta twin lens reflex cameras FLEXARET AUTOMAT VI User Manual (3 pages)

Five blades single speed shutter. The baffle only goes in one way, so pay attention to the little protrusion and flexart sure it goes into the notch on the body otherwise it can fall out. I found a site online that mentions mamual the first step to disassembling it, is to remove the leatherette which hides some of the screws. It would have been a huge technological feat to make an automatic frame counter that could go all the way up to 48, so Meopta chose to do with this two counter method.

My Thoughts TLRs are flwxaret interesting type of camera. Below, black finish variation No Standard inscription. See the no double exposure capabilities. Automatic twin-lens reflex camera for roll film of 12 pictures 6×6 cm, or 16 pictures 4.

I did check into having the mirror replaced but it would have cost about more than I originally paid for the camera. The frame counter on the left has to be manually turned by the photographer and is not internally coupled to anything.

Before loading the film, you need to decide if you are going to shoot 6cm x 6cm photos, or 6cm x 4. Technical apparatus for the amateur astronomical photographer. The right frame counter is coupled to the camera and goes from 0 through 9. Mine begins with an 8, so that means it was made in Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Flexaret 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 instruction manual, Flexaret user manual, PDF manual, free manuals

Coupled Reflex Viewfinder Shutter: It was the most exciting thing, after PE and IT classes. Once the camera is loaded, you should turn your attention to the frame counters. I believe this Art Deco beauty will be a joy to mnaual and permanently stay in the collection.

Next, you need to make sure that the transmission lever this is what the manual calls it which is that little dogbone shaped piece of metal on the lower right side of the camera with the numbers 60 and 45 on it is in the correct position. Once both manuao are fllexaret, and the transmission lever is correctly set with the number 45 in an upright position and 60 is upside down, the camera is ready for film. While I am sure countries like Czechoslovakia came up in school, for the life of me, I cannot remember anything I would have learned.


Meopta twin lens reflex cameras FLEXARET AUTOMAT VI User Manual – Download

The viewfinder was dirty, and the ground glass had yellowed flsxaret bit, but it was still very usable. Once war broke out and Germany occupied the country, Optikotechna continued making military optics for the German war effort.

Crown Flexaret – mike eckman dot com. Somehow they managed to survive through the collapse of the Soviet Union, and inbecame a privately owned company once again.

When it comes manuap technology and precision instruments like cameras, you always think of Germany, Japan, the United States, and even England. Their lenses were used by ,anual manufacturers for enlargers, binoculars, projectors, and cameras. Meopta changed owners fpexaret names over the course of their history, but they were the most successful of all Czech camera makers, and the Flexaret TLRs are one of the highest regarded camera marques not made in Germany or Japan.

Although I find my Yashica-Mat ever so slightly easier to use, and the viewfinder in the Yashica is bright and clean, I love the ability to shoot 6 x 4. These are wonderful cameras that are made with the highest precision, and if taken care of throughout their life, continue to work well today.