Cuba’s revolutionary leader Fidel Castro has died aged To celebrate the life of this remarkable figure in history, we present a selection from. On trial in Santiago for leading a bloody assault on the city’s Moncada garrison, young revolutionary leader Fidel Castro uttered a phrase in court that would. Fidel Castro: “History Will Absolve Me”. Excerpts from his own defense, delivered at his trial, October Fidel Castro in ; We have fomented a rebellion.

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Castro: History Will Absolve Me

The great majority had nothing to do with what had happened. We shall dedicate a speech to you and award you a posthumous promotion when it no longer matters and afterwards Not since Socrates’ courtroom defense have I found another one so moving–worth reading and re-reading.

No one would ever accept that Barriguilla was a revolutionist. Searching through the reeds by the Hondo River, we found fifteen more dead from the Cuban party, and it was not immediately clear what group they belonged to, They did not appear to have shouldered arms, their clothes were intact and only tin drinking cups hung from their waists; a few steps further on castrro the dead horse, all its equipment in order.

Fidel Castro: “History Will Absolve Me”

Our men were much better marksmen, as our enemies themselves conceded. There is a limit to tolerance! Castro, when he will later became tyrant, though cruel to anyone opposing him did far more for the underdogs.

The Latin maxim Cedant arma togae has certainly not been fulfilled on a single occasion during this trial. The Cubans were usually armed with no more than their machetes, for their cartridge belts were almost always empty. All these men needed was the order. Here was a regime literally afraid to bring an accused man to Court; a regime of blood and terror that shrank in fear of the moral conviction of a defenseless man – unarmed, slandered and isolated. I agree with his believes at the beginning, but then he messed it all up.


Throughout an entire week the blows and tortures continued, men were thrown from rooftops and shot. Why did histoory violate all procedural laws and ignore so scandalously the rulings of the Court? The Many Problems of Cuba I stated that the second consideration on which we based our chances for success was one of social order because we were assured of the people’s support.

Castro made the speech in his own defense in court against the charges brought against him after he led an attack on the Fodel Barracks. Let him not remain silent. To implement this, special courts with full powers would gain access to all records of all corporations registered or operating in this country, in order to investigate concealed funds of illegal origin, and to request that foreign governments extradite persons and attach holdings rightfully belonging to the Cuban people.

In the Centro Gallego they broke into the operating room at the very moment when two of our critically wounded were receiving blood transfusions.

‘History will absolve me’: Fidel Castro in his own words

It is clear that there is a great conspiracy behind all this. He had to add the treason of March,the crimes of July,and all the millions that only time will reveal. I was able to prove with exact facts and figures the sums of money that had been spent, the way this money was collected and the arms we had been able to round up. It looked like some mocking little imp was telling them that I was going to ruin all their plans.

As I’m currently teaching a world literature course, I thought it would be nice to examine literature that came from countries we aren’t as familiar. Skip to main content. In Castro proclaimed the socialist nature of his administration, with Cuba becoming a one-party state under Communist Party rule; the first of its kind in the western hemisphere.


Where the guajiro [peasant] is not the owner of his land, what need is there for agricultural schools?

History Will Absolve Me

De te fabula narratur. For a week we held the heights of the Gran Piedra range and the Army occupied the foothills.

This is how the people fight when they want to win their liberty; they throw stones at airplanes and overturn tanks! Heartless men, they threw crude insults at the people who bared their heads in reverence as the corpses of the revolutionaries were carried by. The grass around the barracks was dark and sticky with human blood.

Where there are no industries what need is there for technical or industrial schools? One day as he was coming back from the Puerto Boniato Prison, where he raises pedigree fighting cocks in the back courtyard, he got on a bus on which Abel’s mother was also traveling. Then, addressing the Court with impressive caxtro, they denounced the hideous crimes committed upon the bodies of our brothers. I need not deny here the stupid statements by Ugalde Carrillo histroy company, who tried to stain my name in an effort to mask their own cowardice, incompetence, and criminality.

In this case, counsel and defendant are one and the same.