Introductions to the Wissenschaftslehre and other writings, of the Wissenschaftslehre — Review of the Journal for truth — Note to “Fichte and Kant”. Introductions to the Wissenschaftslehre and other writings, / J.G. Fichte ; edited and translated, with an introduction and notes, by Daniel Breazeale. Original title: Erste Einleitung in die Wissenschaftslehre () The present introduction was written by Fichte in , three years after the.

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Foundations of the Entire Science of Knowledgetrans. His system was dogmatic, not idealistic. Hence the action of the Intelligence, which is made the ground, must be a determined action, and since the action of Intelligence itself is the highest ground of explanation, that action must be so determined by the Intelligence itselfand not by anything foreign to it. Such is the assertion of Philosophy.

Johann Gottlieb Fichte, Introductions to the Wissenschaftslehre and Other Writings – PhilPapers

In Fichte’s wife Johanna became ill with typhus when nursing soldiers in the struggle against Napoleon. State University of New York Press. If the results of a Philosophy do not agree with experience, that Philosophy is surely wrong; for it has not fulfilled its promise of deducing the whole experience from the necessary action of the intelligence.

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The philosopher may abstract from both, and if he does, he has abstracted from Experience, and elevated himself above it. Cambridge University Press, In addition to the postulates addressed by theoretical to practical reason, there are also those addressed by practical reason to nature itself. Not to lose his Self in his argumentation, but to retain and assert it, introductjons is the interest which unconsciously guides all his Thinking.

On the Basis of Our Belief in a Divine. But this is the very thing in dispute, and he cannot presuppose what must first be proven. Hence the reason eissenschaftslehre Kant has not been understood and why the Science of Knowledge can find no friends. The finite I the intellect cannot be the ground of its own passivity.


Johann Gottlieb Fichte

The first of these was published in with the provocative title Reclamation of the Freedom of Thought from the Princes of Europe, who have hitherto Suppressed it. Sign in Create an account.

Appleton-Century-Crofts, ; 2nd ed. Thus with the Philosopher.

Introduction to Fichte’s Science of Knowledge

In one word, this consciousness cannot be proven to any one, but everybody must freely produce it within himself. Do both now see different objects? He was welcomed in Berlin as a victim of religious persecution and briefly held a professorship at Erlangen before being named rector of the newly founded university in Berlin in This is not the place to testify how much cause I have to be satisfied with my efforts, and to entertain, of some of my students, the best hopes for science.

For some of them appear altogether dependent upon our freedom, and we cannot possibly believe that there is without us anything corresponding to them. Fichte and the Technological ImaginationAlbany: You are enabled to do this because you have the power of abstraction; because in free Thinking you can certainly take hold of each single condition.

According to the first system the representations, untroductions are accompanied by the feeling of necessity, are productions of the Intelligence, which must be presupposed in their explanation; according to the latter system they are the productions of a thing in itself which must be presupposed to explain them.

Hence the decision is arbitrary; and since this arbitrariness is nevertheless to have a cause, the decision is dependent upon wissenschaftwlehre and interest. I think this or that object!

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Fichte’s Preface and First Introduction to Wissenschaftslehre – Ammon Allred’s Online Classroom

If he does so, he will find himself forced to proceed wissenschafhslehre a particular manner. In fact, Fichte had not originally yhe to publish this work at all, which was written less than a year after his first tentative efforts to articulate for himself his new conception of transcendental philosophy.

As was his custom, he did this first in his private lectures and then in published texts based upon the same. Either it deduces this system of necessary modes of action, and together with it the objective representations arising therefrom, really from the fundamental laws of the Intelligence, and thus causes gradually to arise under the very eyes of the reader or hearer introsuctions whole extent of our representations; or it gathers these laws—perhaps as they are already immediately applied to objects; hence, in a lower wissencshaftslehre, and then they are called categories—gathers these laws somewhere, and now asserts, that the objects are determined and regulated by them.


The matter quickly escalated into a major public controversy which eventually led to the official suppression of the offending issue of the journal and to public threats by various German princes to prevent their students from enrolling at the University of Jena.

Hence, that presupposition contains merely words, but there is no sense in it. Whether he will succeed better in making himself understood to his age, time alone can show.

He continues the discussion defining the difference in abstraction between dogmatism and idealism as the polar opposite views of understanding experience. In the knowledge of them we do not consider ourselves free, as far as their contents are concerned. But it is impossible for man to stop at this thought; the thought of a representation is but a half a thought, a broken off fragment of a thought; something must be thought and added introductiond it, as corresponding with the representation independent of it.

She recovered, but Fichte caught the disease and died wossenschaftslehre From this interest the various passions are explicable, wssenschaftslehre mix generally with the defence of these philosophical systems.