Why Femto? Value Proposition. 3. Femto BSR Technical Overview. 4. Alcatel- Lucent Femto offering. 5. Femto Activities in Alcatel-Lucent. Femtocells, Microcells, and Metrocells: The Complete Guide to Small . Recommendation: Purchase the newer Alcatel-Lucent model. Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, the primary innovator behind today’s cellular network technology, formulated the idea of a femtocell in as a.

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Hence, the effects of any ffmtocell ISP broadband network issues or traffic management policies need to be very closely monitored and the ramifications quickly communicated to subscribers.

A significant number of users continue to report poor mobile coverage in their homes. Health Be healthier together through connected devices. However, even when cell coverage moves indoors with small cells, they still need an accurate, external timing source.

They do come with everything you need including software that is automatically updated and configured by your network operator – just plug it in and go. This page was last edited on 4 Decemberat Network implementation Energy solutions Small cell site certification.

Once the number of occupants in a building exceeds a certain number, additional capacity is needed to accommodate them. The difference is also that while mobile coverage is provided through subscriptions from an operator with one business model, a fixed fibre or cable may work with a completely different business model.

Since the beginning of digital cellular technology, the accurate, external timing source used has been GPS Global Positioning System. Published on 04 September Events Webinars Downloads Buy a Femtocell. Nokia aquired Alcatel-Lucent in January following which product rationalisation follows.


People and technology Technology for a better life. Simply the phones must work if the AC mains grid is blacked out. Capacity is improved by a reduction in the number of phones attempting to use the main network cells and by the off-load of traffic through the user’s network via the internet to the operator’s infrastructure.

Conventional macrocell base stations often use GPS timing alcayel synchronization and this could be used, [19] although there are concerns on cost and the difficulty of ensuring good GPS coverage. For example, mobile operators may imply restrictions on services which an operator on a fixed may not.

Residential Enterprise Metrocell Rural. The device is pretty much targeted at providing good call and SMS connectivity as you are unlikely to use data over this since you would be within a home internet network.


We think you have liked this presentation. The 1x global RAND challenges sent over the air in the registration, call origination and call termination system accesses should directly or indirectly be generated by the core network and not the femto for security reasons. Up to 2, sq. For example, 3GPP has relaxed the 50ppb parts per billion precision to ppb for indoor base stations in Release 6 and a further loosening to ppb for Home Node B in Release 8.

Femtocells require specific hardware, so existing WiFi or DSL routers cannot be upgraded to a alcatek. Is there a way around this. Provider Manufacturer Name Part No.


Femtocell – Wikipedia

This is not an issue for most users since the Femtocell falls within the home internet network and you are likely to be connected via WiFi. These software-only changes can be made remotely, through operation and management OAMand require therefore no femtoclel on site.

All images are copyrighted by their respective authors. About Nokia Discover how we create the technology to connect the world. Alcagel only available to enterprise customers. Residential Enterprise Metrocell Rural.

Femtocell for small business and home office

Residential A significant number of users continue to report poor mobile coverage in their homes. Since Sprint has not yet rolled out Voice over LTE, the device does not currently support voice calls. Terms Of Use Privacy Policy. Network deployment and optimization costs of our femtocells are also significantly reduced with Self-Organizing Network SON features.

At the Black Hat hacker conference in Las Vegas, NV, a trio of security researchers detailed their ability to use a Verizon femtocell to secretly intercept the voice calls, data, and SMS text messages of any handset that connects to the device.

I was sick of getting complaints at home that coverage was poor. Networks Hardware and software for your networking needs. These could be hamlets, small villages or Buy it femtoceol RepeaterStore.