An understanding of Rider’s respiratory distress is essential to a sound inter- pretation of William Faulkner’s “Pantaloon in Black.” It opens an avenue of meaning. Faulkner Pantaloon in Black PDF – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online for free. Faulkner-pantaloon-in-black-pdf. Go Down, Moses) “Pantaloon in Black” may be found to reside in an ol southern black and white country blues song which Faulkner probably knew and which.

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Definitely Faulkner makes good use of this ancient form to combine the comic and tragic tones. In this case he eats what daulkner like garbage in the manner of an animal, a wolf, again a funny scene if one thinks of the mime involved.

Next he runs madly, like a clown, to a bootlegger, a white man, who refuses to sell him a gallon but offers to give him a pint.

Pantaloon in Black

He and the people around him will continue to suffer from illness, injury, death, fraud, slander, prejudice, irrationality, loneliness, and hope. Faulkner God, he will accept, only if God will come now and help him, faulkenr he knows little chance exists that that will happen. Works Cited Bentley, Eric.

Faulkner So religious that he must use the minced form, godfrey, for God, he still cannot love his fellow man, especially if they happen to be black. But instead of killing himself, he succeeds, ironically, in moving the log which “seem[s] to leap suddenly backward over his head of its own volition, spinning, crashing, and thundering down the incline.


“Pantaloon in Black” (Text Key ) | The Digital Yoknapatawpha Project

McGraw-Hill Gook Company, Faulkner Again he eats like a hungry wolf, blinking, as sticky syrup trickles over him. How to cite this resource: Comedy with gloom which ends badly and tragedy shot through with comedy that makes the outlook still bleaker holds out the only hop we can accept. He responds in a logical manner:.

Around him he sees hopelessness and despair; falukner only response can be laughter; in the fight he goes down thinking, for he understands his condition, and he takes the only way out: But as he stands there dripping with pie juice, Rider answers: Linked Characters Woman at Card Party. Whut Mannie ever done ter Him?

Encyclopedia of World Drama. Then, in a totally irrational, totally absurd way he forces his way into a crap game, run by a white man who has cheated the blacks of their hard-earned money for fifteen years. In a fight right out of commedia del arte: Faulkner In this case hlack eats what looks like garbage in the manner of an animal, a wolf, again a funny scene if one thinks of the mime involved. Sitting on the ground, Rider eats:.

Whut faith and trust? Not even warmed from mouth-heat pease and spoon spattered and rang upon the plate; his chair crashed backward and he was standing, feeling the muscles of his jaw beginning to drag his mouth open, tugging upward the top half of his head.

The characters sitting around from the timber gang, the mill crew, and the night watchmen represent comic stock characters from the commedia dell arte probably the zannis buffoons McGraw-Hill as they lounge around the circle, losing their money like fools.


But the tragic remains omnipresent as his eyes show his sincere sorrow. Linked Events “Pantaloon in Black”, Event.

Pantaloon in Black – Southeast Missouri State University

Such a situation seems like a cruel joke. She tells him, “You come home and eat,” meaning her home, but he has a home, one of his own, one with a fire on the hearth.

God, he will accept, only if God will come now and help him, and he knows little chance exists that that will happen. The Theatre of the Absurd. Secondary menu Site Updates. Nothing can protect him. Comedy alone, Bentley argues, creates an unreal world either where man transcends evil or where evil men face certain punishment. The ending, with its mixture of comic and tragic, makes the story more powerful than ever. While Rider eats in a disordered, chaotic manner like the world in which he finds himself, he still retains a spiritual love well above the instinctual pull exhibited by animals.

Leff Him come down Hyar and do me some good. Humorous mime also underlies the tragedy throughout the story when Rider eats. He points to the “stupid simpleton the deputy sheriff perhaps who cannot understand the meaning of the most common terms and becomes entangled in endless semantic speculations and misunderstandings,” Such is the ultimate absurdity that man faces.

In “Pantaloon in Black,” Faulkner successfully mixes the comic and the tragic to show the absurdity man faces.