Faking It [Jennifer Crusie] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. LOVE AND DECEPTION HAVE A LOT IN COMMON. Meet the Goodnights, a. Bestseller Crusie (Fast Women, etc.) takes readers on another smooth ride in her latest romantic caper. At the wheel this time is fab art forger Matilda Goodnight. Davy, whose older sister Sophie starred in Crusie’s last outing (Welcome to Temptation, ), comes from a long line of scam artists.

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The characters were quirky without being caricatures, which is difficult to pull off.

Jennifer Crusie

And loved it even more. Davy DempseyTilda Goodnight. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. In other words, it was first of all a fast funny reading – great for a nice weekend.

It turned my stomach when he was on the phone with his niece teaching her the basics of buttering people up for a con, or in her case, a favor.

As Davy helps Tilda retrieve the rest of the Scarlets, the two play a game of sexual cat and mouse that culminates in some very hot sex. But don’t drown me in a sea of names. I still like this book and I love the characters.

The plot was fun and absurd as only a Crusie plot can be.

The plot does begin to wobble apart towards the end, because there was one rather large element which I found not at all convincing, but Crusie throws so much at you—hit men and art forgeries and split personalities and families of con artists—that you just have to go with it. Further, their emotional journey is as if not more important as the romantical one and has as much depth and flavor and its own independent path i. Faking Faking It was the first book I ever read by Jennifer Crusie and is the reason I went to read every other book she has ever written.

He comes from a family with a lot of secrets, too. Davy’s looking to steal several million back from his crooked accountant and Matilda decides that she needs a thief to steal paintings back that could reveal family secrets and the antics ensue from there. Open Preview See a Problem?

Tried to read this, but couldn’t fake even liking it– which is unusual, because I actually kinda like this author. Her third romance novel, Getting Rid of Bradleywon a Rita award. She graduated from high school in and earned her bachelor’s degree from Bowling Green State University in Art Education in Now the best way to review this book is to give my opinions on the characters.


You actually feel like your standing in one of her crazy families and by the end of the book you feel like your part of that crazy family. That said, I also just reread The Cinderella Dealan early Crusie, and doing the two books back-to-back did display an earlier and a later pass on some of the same ideas and tropes. Did I thank you for that? Even the “bad guys” were mostly likable, or at least humorous. Anthology — Santa Baby. This is good writing, good storytelling, good pacing, good character development.

Louise Although both books can be read and feel complete by themselves, I recommend you read them in order, first Welcome to Temptation then Faking it. View all 4 comments. Faking It Platinum Author s: So this was such a damn freaky book! Chasing Cezanne Jill A. Faking It Jennifer Crusie Author s: She dropped in two more pieces for Davy and then dug into the peanut butter, slathering it on her bread like spackle. Technically, Faking it is a sequel to Welcome to Temptationin that romance-series way that jumps to follow another somehow-related couple, but it works fine as a stand-alone as well.

That’s what I did and I enjoyed them both greatly that way. Crusie has a real talent for creating compelling characters who fit the story exactly right without any authorial manipulation whatsoever. I really liked the different personas Tilda put on for different scenarios. Why don’t you take your own dick and go fuck yourself to the moon. Then, I re-read it again. Jill Neal rated it did not like it Jul 03, When I first read “Welcome to Temptation” one of my all-time favorite booksI fell in love with Sophie’s brother, bad-boy Davy Dempsey.

While they recover several other forged paintings, Tilda and Davy solve the murder of a wealthy art patron, resolve various family issues, care for a wily dachshund named Steve, and help her mother, sister, and niece all find true love.

Faking It (Dempseys, #2) by Jennifer Crusie

She left Harlequin in to write jenjifer novels for Bantam and single title novels for St. It was a cleverly-written romantic comedy, but it also offered a few insights into the workings of relationships, both romantic and familial. Georgia rated it did not like it Mar 05, How to Date Your Dragon by Molly.


The depth of this concept was intense. I added an extra star because it was even better on second reading.

Faking It (Dempsey, book 2) by Jennifer Crusie

I didn’t much care for Davy in the first book, but he turns out beyond swoon-worthy here–and without major revision of his character from the first, either. Jenny lives on the Ohio River where she often stares at the ceiling and counts her blessings.

The heroine is asthmatic which is a first for me in fiction — asthma as a charming plot ploy rather than the sad pathetic fat kid’s problem. Eve is described as being the good looking sister, Nadine seems to always have a string of men in tow, Gwennie seems to be the yummiest grandmother with the number of men fakign her despite her personality appearing to be so uninteresting to those who do not know bh her teeth fetishand we cannot forget Clea who gets by on her looks alone although to her dismay her looks only make her a millionaire which is not rich enough apparently.

One collision in a closet later, Tilda and Davy reluctantly join forces to combat Clea, suspicious art collectors, a disgruntled heir, and an exasperated hitman, all the while coping with a mutant dachshund, a juke box stuck in the sixties, questionable sex, and the growing realization that they can’t turn their backs on the people they were meant to be By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you fakin read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Vrusie, a muralist, is the main source of support for her wacky family, who it seems, has a penchant for art forgery. This book was riotously funny ctusie from beginning to end, but there were a few poignant moments that added depth to an otherwise zany comedy.