public bool Export (string Filename, object FilterName, object Interactive); code example creates a Chart and then uses the Export method to export the chart. Unfortunately, it seems that the UltraChart has limited support for If you’d like to skip the xsd/xml export to files, export to LONGCHAR and. FusionCharts lets you export the rendered charts in the JPG, PNG, SVG, and PDF formats. To enable server-side exporting, attribute exportEnabled is set to 1.

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UltraChart导出到Excel – 程序园

NET DataTables are supported in that way. Don’t see that as a big issue. Chars are rather static.

They don’t need to interact with TextBoxes etc. You don’t update data in a Charts.

Now that we know, how it’s supposed to be working, a dynamic temp-table to ADO. NET DataTable converter should be a matter of a quick coding exercise. Or directly manipulate the Columns collection of a datatable to create the meta schema. Note that it is fully possible that the xml approach that Mike shows above is faster and better.


That’s the trouble with using predictable data. Know More By Logging In.

Solvusoft: Microsoft Gold Certified Company

Posted by Peter Judge on 5 Sep You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available. Posted by Admin on 9 Sep 6: Posted by Admin on 14 Sep 4: That is an interesting issue. Any C expert could help us here. Posted by Admin on 15 Sep 3: What works for a first prototype should be: But it should at least be close. Posted by jmls on 14 Oct 9: So, we can’t use a probinding source as a data source for a chart?

That’s a real shame. Has anyone tried to do this on beta2? Can’t select the datasource.

Exporting Chart Data

Posted by jmls on 14 Oct Got it working Dropped an Ultrachart onto a form, used chart wizard to create a pie chart. Dropped a Probinding control onto the form.

I then added a call to AddData in the constructor. Just got to figure out now where to get the labels from Any clues?


Dammit, my optimism was misplaced. It does not work. Off to try another control.