Everyone Worth Knowing [Lauren Weisberger] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A GIRL ON THE FRINGE . Everyone Worth Knowing [Lauren Weisberger] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Realizing that her prestigious investment banking job is. Everyone Worth Knowing [Lauren Weisberger] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. BRAND NEW, Exactly same ISBN as listed, Please .

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I’m not going to still be thinking about it in a year, or a week, or even tomorrow. Finally, at the Playboy party, she seems to figure everything out, and still cowers away from any controversy.

This book was unbelievably terrible. I think it will be very difficult if not impossible to write about this period, post pre-obama, so accurately again. Though Lauren broke her spine over convincing us how Bette adjusted to the world of PR, to me, she looked as if she had no idea what the hell she was doing there.

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I guess it just wasn’t my thing. The author seems to feel that good people never put work first.

Please stop with the dreaded respect line. And the references to fashion sense are certainly outdated as well. I have a hard time putting an audio book on my “Read” shelf – but what the hell. I can’t believe the author ripped off her own book like that! Weisberger’s first novel The Devil Wears Prada hinged on a similar fish-out-of-water scenario, only this time it feels like a fake. More By and About This Author. Finding who you are despite the lure of all things cool and beautiful.

For a chick-lit, the romance is almost non-existent and anticlimactic. I just don’t get how this girl, who lives in New York, works around people from the city, and lives around city people, can be such a pushover, with absolutely no will, or self respect. But when Bette begins appearing in a vicious new gossip column, she realizes that the line between her personal life and her professional life is This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat And I got kind of annoyed when she quit her job on a whim, which seemed out of character for the cool, down-to-earth heroine she was trying to build.


At Parkland High School, Lauren participated in all sorts of projects, activities, and organizations for the sole purpose of padding h Lauren Weisberger was born March 28,in Scranton, Pennsylvania, a locale recently made even more chic, if possible, by The Office.

Mar 11, Sara T rated it it was ok.

Everyone Worth Knowing

Find some boundaries to climb Fgs! And what can I say about it? She name-dropped people who aren’t even really that famous or cool anymore. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. They get to the restaurant and it turns out it’s a party for Bette with everyone there. There is a reference in a nightclub to “that ugly little lesbian troll blogger who can’t stop writing about how much blow she does every night” which was believed to be a reference to Elizabeth Spiers of Gawker Mediain retaliation for a disparaging remark she denies making about Weisberger.

He was supposed weisbeeger be the lone decent guy in Bette’s wweisberger life.

I’m assuming that Weisberger has the shortest memory in history, and her publisher also suffers from the everyoje affliction.

Apr 08, Christie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I kept reading only because I thought and hoped for the love story to swap me off my feat.

It was only last month when I saw my huge TBR pile that was growing in a scary way that I decided to take some great measures such as: Lauren moved on to Departures magazine, where she wrote word reviews by day and took writing classes by night. Quotes from Everyone Worth Kn Weisberger’s bestselling The Devil Wears Prada hinged on a similar fish-out-of-water scenario, and while it may have worked then, this time around it feels like a rehash.


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Did I just read the same book over again!? One person found this helpful. When I started reading this book I forgot that a I had read it before and b it was stupid.

Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. It’s a bit long, and I speed-read the last 30 or so pages isn’t the predictable ending a hallmark of chick-lit? I found I was having to force myself to continue reading after the first three chapter, because the book help no appeal.

For me, this was painful, painful reading. I waited throughout the whole thing for wesberger, you could at least give me a good ending!

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Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger – Review | | BookPage

For Bette, a style-challenged, romance novel—obsessed daughter of hippies, the high-stakes world of celebrity takes a little getting used to—especially once she is catapulted into the arms of one of New York’s most eligible bachelor Library Journal: Weisberger’s book definitely accomplished that for me.

Or maybe I’m just too old for this ridiculousness anymore. Then Bette meets Kelly, head of Manhattan’s hottest Knwoing firm, and suddenly she has a brand-new job where the primary requirement is to see and be seen inside the VIP rooms of the city’s most exclusive nightclubs.

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