Dreddit, an EVE Online corporation for users and friends of Reddit. Founding corporation of Test Alliance Please Ignore. To join. CBF. CRF. CRE. RIF. CBF. RF. CBF. CRE. CRE. RIF. RE. CRE. CR. CRE. BF. CE. CRE. REL. CBF. REL. CRE. RE. CRE IL. CRL. CREIL. CRE. CRE. CR. RE. External links. DOTLAN EveMaps If you prefer a 2D view, you can press Flatten Map on the World Map Control Panel. Also there you can.

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It is a shining beacon both for the community and as to how much the efforts of the community matter to this game. You are commenting using your WordPress. You should be able to print out dotlan maps which should be similar.

Wars and operations and fleet movements expanded my need to keep track of where the hell I was. Othran Route One Likes received: To change the evemasp at which you view the evemqps, hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse pointer around.

Just get used to dotlan like the rest of us had to – including Ombey himself: I once had a printed set of the ombey maps. As such, it can take some time to learn what the map tool can do for you.


DOTLAN :: EveMaps

Hijo de la Luna. Hijo de la Luna If a route will take a pilot through low sec or 0. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This page has been accessed 22, times. Mik Nostrebor 2v Percent Likes received: But as a utility that transmit information to the user it is sub-par. Privacy policy About UniWiki Disclaimers. Wollari is asking in his blog post for people to comment on their memories of the site here on its birthday.

A Decade of DOTLAN EVEMaps

Is there any similar printable map tool or document being used today? Map Beta Star Map Legacy. There on the front page you can see alliance movements, recent data on the most violent systems in the game, and sovereignty changes.

I cannot imagine the game without it. This Control Panel is also where you can modify your view of the map and change your autopilot settings. Dotlan has more features and since it’s not pdf, it’s more usable for day to day in-browser. This is where you set options such as how many Region labels you want to see on the Map.

EVE General Discussion

You can choose to move waypoints up or down to create your optimal Route, or you evrmaps click Optimize and let the system find the shortest path for you. You said it’s all circling the drain, the whole universe.


Don Pera Saissore i think i have seen once a map of all lowsec sistems, was that made by this guy? It can give an indication of whether the route has been dangerous in the last short while, and how many ships have come and gone through the route. Here are some ways the map can help you find things:.

Mostly though I just use the star system view to check bookmarks and bounce points when I travel through null. The Map can be accessed and closed either by clicking the map button in the Neocom Panel or by pressing F Of course, outposts are gone now, converted to citadels last month. Navigation Navigation Dotlan Survivability I basically use the view that shows the location of your fleet members and maybe the recent kills view, but the latter generally just so I can take a screen shot of a huge red ball in The Forge when Burn Jita is going.