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In all the other cases there was either too much body, too much spirit, and too little or no soul at all.

Eulis! the History Of Love by Randolph, Paschal Beverly

Neither essay filled the required bill, and for that reason I print this series of salvatory counsels. I put myself in my friend’s, her husband’s place, by means of the three principles, Posism, Volantia and Decretism, hereinafter alluded to, and then, far more clearly comprehending the situation, I would not, hhistory before, have slain her, spattered his heart’s blood upon the walls and floor, or have sent a leaden bullet crashing through his brains, for the whole world, or millions more just like it; for whereas before I had observed effects, I now beheld their producing, hidden causes.

Who of them all has given us the rationale of the orgasm—the why and wherefore, or the cause of its being a thing of apparently no moment whatever at certain times, and under histoty They have taken man and woman, shown us their anatomy; explained something of physical gender; said something about function and periods, and there left us, because they knew nothing further themselves. Presently you will see whether the vision was a lesson or a fact; and whether jealousy is, and is not, sometimes based on solid ground, sometimes empty air.

Thus either, alone, is an Incompleteness; they belong to opposite sides of nature, and it requires a bridge to span the amazing gulf that rolls between them. Sex is a thing of soul; most people think it but a mere matter of earthly form and physical structure.

Perchance what you see is, after all, but a fevered dream, begotten of your depressed nervous state, morbidity of fancy and loneliness, combined with the suspicions kindled by the strange questions asked upon the eve of her departure many days ago, and greatly strengthened by unwisely worded letters sent back thw her; and made still stronger by her six weeks’ eulia silence—in itself good cause for suspicion, for every husband has a right to know his wife’s whereabouts, her surroundings and the company lovve keep; and if she does not keep him thus informed, he has fair and just grounds to infer that her actions are such as ought to be hidden from his gaze, and also from that of humanity at large.

I had merely read Lydde’s book, and got histry of a new name; and again mankind hurrahed for the wonderful Ansaireh, but incontinently turned up its nose at the supposed copyist. Let her go at the call of affection, and, forsaking you and duty, yield her to the better and nobler law of love.

From the earliest historical ages an unnatural custom has prevailed; and loev results have been fearful,— sub rosa mainly, for the victims generally grieve, mourn, and die in silence. Had I been so instruded long years agone, I had escaped very many subsequent mistakes, and consequent misery; but I.


True, there are among the lower types uistory forms of organic life, a few seeming exceptions, as the so-called hermaphrodites; but, lpve reality, kf are apparent only; for examination in the light of modern science proves all such organisms to be a union of the two principles in a single body, and not a fusion, by any means; and that the male side fecundates the other.

Child, table, chairs, lounge—all were gone and unheeded, and on the face of that marvellous glass I beheld a scene which at the time, and for six weeks afterwards, I religiously believed was at that very instant being enacted far away, in, to the man in Toledo, dreadful reality.

There are and have been malformations claimed to be proofs of dual gender, but they were really one or the other.

Why is it, O learned anthropologists, that the generative rite will at one time wholly unman one, yet at another—same ones too—will fill him with the most exquisite, manly, gallant sensibility; inspire him with the most lofty virtue and high resolve; charge him to the lips with true and royal courage; yet at another time transmute him into an errant coward and miserable poltroon?

Nor o this all, for every escapade mingles magnetisms more or od and a man in New York in may feel the life going out of him day by day, himself not even suspecting that a dozen or more women in as many different parts of the earth, or even from the spaces, are at that instant thinking of him, yearning for him, voluntarily or not, and are drawing out his soul just as easily and surely as he drew their life through honeyed lips ten, twenty, or thirty years before; wherefore libertinism and cyprianism are attended with strange penalties.

Eulis! the History of Love/Part 1: Affectional Alchemy

We will be proud that we are disciples of Hermes Trismegistus, that thrice-sealed Lord of Mind,—the Mystical Mal-Kizadek [Melchizadek] of Bible repute; but let us not forget to be proud that we are disciples of the viewless God. A still larger amount of “chaff” labelled “philosophy” is afloat, generated for the most part in the angular heads of people, whom a chronic prostatitis or ovarian fever has so deranged that they really imagine themselves philosophers,—being only shams,—who propose to revolutionize the world, especially the domain of Marriage-land, by inculcating pudacious sophistries, better calculated to kill than to cure the victims, on either side.

G marked it as to-read Dec 19, Now this is not so dreadful after all,—for such antics characterize all young animals,—provided his elders would take him in hand and teach him the true meaning of the origin of the strange ideas which from morbid nature, inculcation, precept and example of his associates he has imbibed, but does not comprehend.

I saw her mother gently chide her, and soon she went to bed, and slept the sweet, delicious slumber of absolute innocence; and as she thus lay I saw the gossamic cloud of pearly aura expand till it filled the room, penetrated the ceiling, the roof, swelling and lengthening out clear into the starlight, and forming to a point shot out and afar off into the very depths of space till I could follow it no more. Children conceived in May, June, July, August and September, and who, therefore, are born in February, March, April, May, and June, are, unquestionably, better constituted and will live longer, have more character and power than when the double events occur in other months; because nature and weather are more propitious at the start.


True, there are some unsexed souls; some no sex at all, and others still claiming one gender, and manifesting its exact opposite.

So we received our heritage, and the soul of philosophy vanished from India and the world as a dream. In all ages there have been men cut out after a different pattern from their contemporaries, and who, for that reason, had and have a different destiny to fulfil.

Normal Hardbound Edition is also available on request. Loge Clymera later Supreme Master of the Fraternitas, stressed that years later in dulis death-bed confession, a former friend of Randolph conceded that in a state of jealousy and temporary insanity, he had killed Randolph.

EULIS! The History of Love

Thus certain foods or drinks generate an excess of caloric in the nervous ganglia of the reproductive system; a spark—spontaneous combustion—leaps thence to the brain, the soul catches fire, and hurls its masses of lurid flame through the cerebrum, cerebellum, spinal cord, ovaria, prostate gland, testes or vagina—and—draw the curtain o’er the dreadful scene!

In the third case the whole being is shockedand the man feels himself to be contemptible and mean; and so he is. But that’s not the worst of it yet; for the offspring of January is sure to be nearly as calcareous as its father. Twine the laurel wreath for the victor, but add the cypress for the victim. More than that, her thd under the microscope will not show the same crystalline forms after the birth of the mixed child as it did before.

We are too pure to sully our souls, no matter how great the temptation may be. It is a curious fact that people will talk smut, laugh heartily at coarse jokes and improbable stories concerning the eternal God’s method of peopling the worlds, and filling up the starry domes beyond the grave, when of all human deeds it is the most sacred, serious, and laughless.

We will discover that others have borne our burdens who had no hope of receiving our reward; that knowledge is universal, and has no royal road; and that they were as wise in the wisdom of their generation, as we are in ours. Esther Greenwood marked it as to-read Apr 13, I found myself cleaner, better, than before, and comprehended Christ’s “Suffer little children to come unto me. Desire is always first metaphysical before it is material in human kind; but when the conscience and moral poles arc reversed, the spark that explodes the mental flame may be, and often is, sent from the body first to the soul.

How little was abstracted by the Essenes, Gnostics and Batiniyeh, you all know. Then let us learn all that we may from these waifs. Duna Bey marked it as to-read Jul 30, It was clear he ought to give her up at once even if the effort snapped his heart-strings, because the making of her child was a doubtful question.